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  1. Buttonboy

    The most stuffed you’ve ever been?

    My husband made me a feast after Christmas this year. Course after course I ate till I couldn’t move anymore. My husband rolled me on my back and loosened my belt buckle as my big belly spilled out from the relief. He continued to feed me and rub my oversized belly. I felt like a big fat cow as...
  2. Buttonboy

    Augustus Gloop or Violet Beauregard

    Oh golly that’s terrible to say
  3. Buttonboy

    Augustus Gloop or Violet Beauregard

    Which greedy vile child do I look like most from Willy wonka and the chocolate factory hehe
  4. Buttonboy

    Thoughts on padding

    This fat boy appreciates the feedback
  5. Buttonboy

    Thoughts on padding

    I do not require padding these days as my belly is big and round these days
  6. Buttonboy

    Say hello

    Anyone want to chat with a big msn over here :))
  7. Buttonboy

    Look like a cow

    Has anyone ever been told they chew all day long like a cow? Oh golly I felt like the fat blueberry girl from Willy wonka
  8. Buttonboy

    Anyone into button popping?

    I want to be force feed and burst the buttons off my dress shirt like a fat foolish nitwit
  9. Buttonboy

    Any interest in MPREG?

    My belly is so big and round I look like I’m 9 months pregnant. I love to overeat and become completely numb as my wife unbuckles my belt and unbuttons my trousers and rubs my enormous food baby
  10. Buttonboy

    wearing jeans under or over belly?

    I’m large with a big belly so I like to pull my trousers up over my belly and wrap it up with a big wide belt.
  11. Buttonboy

    Anyone into button popping?

    Thanks I’d like to burst out of it. Hehe
  12. Buttonboy

    Fat guys

    Anyone into fat preppy guys?
  13. Buttonboy

    Anyone into button popping?

  14. Buttonboy

    Anyone into button popping?

    Hehe I’m an avid gainer so it was amazing
  15. Buttonboy

    Fat boy

    Is anyone into a big fat guy who is the size of a cow and chomps on food all day long. I am extremely and vile and want someone to feed me.
  16. Buttonboy

    Looking Dedicated FEEDEE seeking feeder x feedee relationship

    I am a bisexual man. I weigh around 300 lbs. I’m very preppy and love being overfed and stuffed
  17. Buttonboy

    Fat-Forums.com gone?

    I want someone to feed me and treat me like an enormous cow
  18. Buttonboy

    Anyone into button popping?

    I popped out of a very nice Ralph Lauren button up. What a fat cow I looked like
  19. Buttonboy

    How about fat chins?

    Haha double chins are overlooked. I take pride in mine. I prefer one that is not as noticeable until you tilt your head and that huge mass of skins bulbs up.
  20. Buttonboy

    You know you are fat when.....

    Haha my coworker realized how fat I was getting and couldn’t resist turning me into a blueberry. Good thing I have a good sense of humor and loved it lol