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  1. IceTeaPrincess

    Frustrated... gals has this happened to you?

    Precisely, Jess. There are too many people like that out on dating sites, apparently. I have also had one similar thing happen to me before that I was reading happened to another girl on the "How was your last date?" thread in the lounge here. It's when somebody goes through all the motions...
  2. IceTeaPrincess

    Frustrated... gals has this happened to you?

    I too think chemistry is very important & probably counts for some of the reasons why some people who meet online don't gel in real life. This guy had quite a lot of time to decide if we had chemistry before going from acting completely in love to throwing me in the garbage can, tho. Just one of...
  3. IceTeaPrincess

    Frustrated... gals has this happened to you?

    Hi all, I post here every once in a blue moon (or less) but I wanted to just add my 2 cents to this discussion. In my experience there are some troubled people out there ( i don't want to say just men, becuz there are women like this too) who ENJOY confusing people. It is almost better than...
  4. IceTeaPrincess

    Recent pic of you- part VII :D

    Wow... I iz slightly clueless so i don't know how to quote the pictures themselves, but I have to say, Elle Camino has got to be one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen on the internet. Such a face of feline purr-fection! :smitten: *Girl Crush Swoon*
  5. IceTeaPrincess

    You'll Never Have A BF: Female Competition and Fat

    I would bet that social skills, wounded trust & perfectionism have a lot to do with why both fat & thin people remain single for long stretches of time. Who's to say being cautious might not lead to a much much better choice of a mate in the long run? Love should be about quality & not quantity...
  6. IceTeaPrincess

    You'll Never Have A BF: Female Competition and Fat

    I knowz i said I was going back to lurker land but I wanted to comment on this.. When I was fat & a teenager in school, I did get some idiots saying stuff like this to me. The "Who would ever want you?" type taunt. And it's funny cause even before i lost weight I ended up attracting many guys...
  7. IceTeaPrincess

    What Should One Say?

    I think I'm probably gonna make like a mole & go back to lurk underground. I sense that as a non BBW/FFA, the value of my input around here would be very slight and mostly unreplied to, but I am glad I popped my head outta the ground to express some of the weight related emotional Ya Yas that I...
  8. IceTeaPrincess

    Are we just the same as a Pro-Ana site?

    Hi Bexy, I know you say the dude is a very close friend but some of the things he's saying to you sound kind of disrespectful. Him saying "the poor fat girl" & implying that people would be primarily laughing at pictures of you on a paysite doesn't sound real nice or considerate of him to say...
  9. IceTeaPrincess

    What Should One Say?

    Hi ravfa, I understand how it might seem confusing because, well, it is! I am extremely shy /socially phobic & when you are that sensitive and are subject to many daily hints or scorn from so many sources throughout a normal week, it really affects you much deeper than somebody who is blessed...
  10. IceTeaPrincess

    What's your deal breaker?

    Somebody who has a prefabricated personality based on what type of music they like & cookie cutter tastes/ thoughts.
  11. IceTeaPrincess

    Is it deeply, disturbingly morally wrong…

    I remember feeling that way too about Miss Piggy's dainty feet as a kid! :p :: Goes to Google to try to find pictures of Miss Piggy's feet.::
  12. IceTeaPrincess

    Fat as punishment

    Do u mean in erotic fantasy? This reminds me a bit of something that I often see in erotica of all different types. It's the portrayal of the sex object in an "Oh No!!" light.... Helplessness! It is especially seen a lot in erotic japanese comics & animation where the look on the sex object's...
  13. IceTeaPrincess

    What Should One Say?

    Hi LovesBHMS, That's what I had been doing as yet, Just saying a "Thank you!" in appreciation of their compliments. Being a sensitive and socially anxious person, getting slimmer has certianly made life a lot easier for me. but there's still the brain in my head that has fully experienced a life...
  14. IceTeaPrincess

    What Should One Say?

    A few times when it has happened they will turn to my sister and say things in the tone of "What an inspiration she is, ey? We've got to catch up to her now and get skinny!" It's negative stuff said in like a empathy laced tone. Last Christmas my sister in law was making comment about my...
  15. IceTeaPrincess

    What Should One Say?

    Thanks for the great suggestions, everybody! :) It has set my mind a thinkin' to try to come up with a simple 'catch phrase' I can remember that would incorporate all these ideas & I think I may have found one: "Thanks! But really I think big is beautiful too, Baby!" (said in lighthearted...
  16. IceTeaPrincess

    What Should One Say?

    Hi there all, I wanted to ask for any opinions of what would be the best way to handle a size related situation. My older sister is a BBW, and I used to be, but currently am not. When I was larger I tried very hard to be as positive & confident as I could be. I often tried to encourage my less...
  17. IceTeaPrincess

    Is it deeply, disturbingly morally wrong…

    Classic Miss Piggy has ultra disco-era glam! What's not to love?? I seem to recall Beavis from Beavis & Butthead admitting an attraction to her. Your only moral failing would be if you tried to break up her & Kermie. :p
  18. IceTeaPrincess

    Why are you here?

    I haven't posted anything on here for quite a good while, but I just wanted to comment here. I originally came here because i used to be a BBW & even though I'm not fat anymore i still feel tremendous anger/ frustration at the way that fat people are sometimes treated. But after coming here to...
  19. IceTeaPrincess

    Is it like being gay?

    I think that gay people are more open to danger from hate crimes, but they are much much much more supported by the media. The media in general loves gay people probably because there are so many in the entertainment world. Entertainment media certainly responds MUCH better to say, that guy...
  20. IceTeaPrincess

    A lost cause...

    As somebody who used to be a BBW but is no longer, I just wanted to add to this a bit. I hate it when people who used to be fat act like bigots. I think some people are conditioned to feel they should mock their former selves by diet commercial culture. I find the practice of mocking one's...