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  1. jacob286482

    Heavy Debt by JP (SSBBW, Force feeding, ~XWG)

    I love this. I know it's been years since the last update but I'd love to see what the hot dog plan was.
  2. jacob286482

    BBW The Ruby Ring

    Looks like this could get really good. I hope you continue it soon.
  3. jacob286482

    Bigger is Better

    It sounds good to me. As Tad said, just post it here. I would type it in a word program, that helps with minor spelling errors and such, and then just copy and past it right in the text box. Other than that, it sounds good, and I hope you continue it.
  4. jacob286482

    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Seriously, they are offering the other constructive ideas. You don't have to act like a 2 year old just because people don't want you jumping their posts. Calm down, grow up, and come back later.
  5. jacob286482

    A Sticky-Icky Situation (American Dad)

    Ooh goody, can't wait.
  6. jacob286482

    A Sticky-Icky Situation (American Dad)

    This is pretty good, hope to see more soon.
  7. jacob286482

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    I like where this is going
  8. jacob286482

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    Hey this is really good, post what you got.
  9. jacob286482

    Game Changer

    This is turning into a great story. Keep going man, you got my support.
  10. jacob286482

    Hannah - Stuffing, SSBBW

    This is great. I would mind seeing a continuation.
  11. jacob286482

    The Sting

    I like this, please continue.
  12. jacob286482

    Cause and Effect - by GuyFromGlasgow (BBW (multiple), Intrigue, ~~WG)

    More please, this could go far and the premise is great
  13. jacob286482

    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    This is done now and i like it. please let me know if you like it. It seems original to me. THis is my second story but my first was crap. dont even read it. hope you enjoy. This is what my first story should have been.
  14. jacob286482

    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    Authors Note: I meant to put this in the title, but i cant find the edit section. I may find it later but this story will also have squashing elements because this is my story and i like this fantasy. Emily and Jared sat in the living room watching the news about the fools of black friday...
  15. jacob286482

    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    An hour later, Emily woke up to see Jared watching her TV. Her stomach had settled a bit, and wasnt so painfull. It was still swollen, but not nearly as bad. She also noticed she felt a little bit softer. But that was expected when you stuff yourself. "Lets get back to it." She said to Jared...
  16. jacob286482

    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    Jared pulled into Emily's driveway the next morning with a carfull of food. He knocked on the door and was greeted by the largest woman he had ever seen. Jared and Emily introduced each other and Emily told Jared the plan. Jared had been an FA for as long as he could remember so he was all in...
  17. jacob286482

    Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

    Authors Note: This is an idea i just came up with and thought it would make a good story. A havent seen anything like this on dimensions before but if there is a story like this please share. Enjoy THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS By Jacob286482 {For those of you who hate to waste food, but...
  18. jacob286482

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    you are an excellent author and this story is rather enjoyable. I do have faith in your abilities to complete the story at your own pace.
  19. jacob286482

    Paranoia's Stories - Silence - XWG, Occult, Horror

    this is really excellent. this is perhaps my favorite horror wg I've read in a long time. good job
  20. jacob286482

    a story i cant find

    there was this story i found about a year ago here that i cant find now. have been looking for about an hour and want some help. the story was about a woman who got a job eating the leftovers from a shop. the family that owned the shop didnt believe in wasting food and she was paid to eat all...