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  1. Yakatori

    Screening for autism?

    Any idea of why?
  2. Yakatori

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    No, no, I like it; I'm into it. I like a good necropost now and again.
  3. Yakatori

    Fat statues? Any on your shelf?

    ^That looks pretty cool, where'd you get that?
  4. Yakatori

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    2^Bro, you can't leave me hanging like that, what does it smell like? In another life, I made my share of vegetarian burgers to order, but they were more like a falafel-lentil type of concoction.
  5. Yakatori

    The Bad Idea Thread

    That's not a bad idea, at all; I would expect to see something like that in Japan, where they have a lot of purchasing power and there's a strong demand for novelty flavors of otherwise popular items. The only thing I might change is make the yellow more of a cream color to replace the flavor of...
  6. Yakatori

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Kind of evokes that sort of anxious feeling of being on hold with a lawyer or insurance company. Or right before a colonoscopy. But I get it, I totally get it. It is a nice song, I first noticed him from this other video. Here, I really like how he drives the point home with that finger wag at...
  7. Yakatori

    SSBBW & Summer (Realities)

    Wait, whut? What does chocolate have to do with heat? Is it because of the diuretic effect of caffeine?
  8. Yakatori

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Could be a contact high from all of the drugs in the previous video.
  9. Yakatori

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    That's always interesting to me, anyone's rediscovery of a band or song that there's already lots of people enjoying. Also, for me, the visual aspect (concept & execution) of how a particular song is performed or promoted is a big part of it as well, how I can relate it to as some kind of...
  10. Yakatori

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    That's pretty cool. I actually had no idea of what this was till I googled it and now want to know more. I'm assuming you're in the States; so, how to you go about navigating what you want to buy? Do you understand much Japanese? Or do you go through some kind of intermediary? I know some...
  11. Yakatori

    What's pissing you off today?

    Giggity-Giggity. You mean the Bhagadvad Gita?
  12. Yakatori

    Hii im Ruby Addams

    ^Wait, is that like an actual already-known song? Or you just made it up spontaneously?
  13. Yakatori

    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    Oh, now I see what you mean, looking at this. As in, some of them are mostly wood (the part that's under shingles) and then others can go almost all the way to the top with either brick or stone.
  14. Yakatori

    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    Oh, well, then that looks exactly as I'd imagined. The original foundation and brick & mortar part of the structure remains mostly intact, but the wood parts did most of the flexing and breaking under the power of the wind.
  15. Yakatori

    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    Yeah, it is interesting, compelling, from an architectural and aesthetic standpoint, the juxtaposition or emphasis of the continuity between the old and the new; I really like stuff like that in any kind of building. As in razed to the ground? As in everything I see is brand new? In that context...
  16. Yakatori

    How would you describe the Dimer above to someone IRL

    She's into the new lingo, acronyms, etc..:
  17. Yakatori

    Greek weight gain music video

    Oh, man, I did a Trump(ism). Posting too close to bedtime.
  18. Yakatori

    Greek weight gain music video

    Can I just say how I love the fact of how readily you connect all of these mostly Slavic languages with the Baltics. That would not have jumped out at me, but I think I can see why now after watching a few videos. I like this, almost a kind of reddit vibe we have going on in here. We just may...
  19. Yakatori

    Loopy's American Adventure 2021

    Wait, when/what time of day do British people typically eat their donuts, if they have them? is it considered more of after-dinner dessert?
  20. Yakatori

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    Does that include stuff like hard drugs?