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  1. shecrile

    Sale Old Issues of Buf , Plumpers , Gent and Maximum Exposure Magazine. Looking to sell.

    Late to the party, but do you have BUF v22 i6 (december 1990) BUF v20 i6 (december 1988) Plumpers v2 i1 (january 1994) If you also still have the plumpers december 1997, I would also be interested in that one.
  2. shecrile

    "What ever happened to..."

    Does anyone have any trace of bigmommakat? I tried looking into it for a while now, on the FWP website/clip store, other sites, even asked theflattenedone himself if he still had connection, but no luck, said I had to contact her directly. I tried the bbwsurf e-mail a few months back but it...
  3. shecrile

    Fresh meat overdue of his expiration date. (Introduction)

    Thank you both. I'm already having a good time just by being able to read post replies now. I always go all out decorating my profile, especially if the site allows you to put media EVERYWHERE lmao, like this one!
  4. shecrile

    Fresh meat overdue of his expiration date. (Introduction)

    Hi. I'm new to this site, obviously. I did some looking around and noticed this website is like... really old... After doing some browsing, I thought "Hey this is a neat forum website for my interests, it looks like. It could be my haven." So now here I am, a recently-turned-twenty-two year old...