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    My roommates are gone and i want to gain to 325 pounds.In a weekend. Tips?

    My weight is about 317 pounds. I want to gain to 320. But 325 is the max. I have the apartment to myself for about 3 days. Is it possible to reach my goal. And do you have tips?
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    I was told I needed to lose weight.

    Hello, my doctor told me to lose weight. I’m 311 pounds. I want to be bigger. But there is a part of me that holds back. That makes me throw up when I stuff myself. I want to be bigger I fantasize about what I would look like at 400 pounds. But I don’t know what to do. Any support.
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    I need help gaining/ tips

    I weight 304.4 pounds and 6.1 and I want a nice big belly. But it barely hangs when I slouch. Any tips