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    Coming Out of FA Closet - Worse Experiences

    My first “coming out” was about 50 years ago and i was *brought* out. My dad had a photography business and i would frequently help him shoot weddings when i was 11 or 12. Once there was a bridesmaid who was super sized, drop dead gorgeous and wearing one of those hot bridesmaid dresses. I...
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    Start your own rumor!

    Monday, 10/23/06, 12:00 AM EST: Egbert Souse will begin his duties as Head Moderator of All Boards. I suggest you all watch your language and mind your P's and Q's, as Egbert don't put up with no bullshit.
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    Bumper Sticker!

    I like you, Ryan, because you don't like bumper stickers. I don't know quite what to make of that one, either. Truth be told, i don't care much for cars but i think they're always better without bumper stickers and horns.
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    What are you CRAVING right now?

    I take this as an affront to my manlihood. Granted, 19.80 shipping for a 4.50 product IS a little intimidating but i'm workin' on it. And i'm a fuckin' trooper. Uhhhhhh....have some faith, BB.
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    Dream Feeder: Anthony Bourdain

    Simian, schmimian. (isn't that monkies?) My laugh lines are canine. First we take (the restaurants of) Manhattan.... then we take (the restaurants of) the South Bronx...
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    A mini update. (Ha. Ha.)

    YO! :doh: And here i've been sitting here all this time wtf'ing.... BB, i gotta say, for lowclass, lying, upper eastside trailer trash, you're a fucking GENIUS! I'm just sayin [note to self: 1.) abandon developing the new SoBro headbanger persona and lose the saggy jeans 2.) cancel...
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    deep, philosophical stuff

    As an ex-tobacco addict, i resent being offered "wisdom" from some coat-and-tie motherfucker who speaks in caps and whose pipe, hair and eyeglass frames are color coordinated. I'll go on believing that milk is sold however the hell it's sold in Canada, thank you, and this greencoat stiff can...
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    Where would you live?

    My plan is to spend the rest of my productive years living 8 months of the year living under a bridge on the banks of the beautiful Harlem River in the South Bronx, and 4 months on my yet-to-be-acquired 20 acres of land far enough in the middle of nowhere (maybe West Virginia) that there are no...
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    WHY do you like the music you like?

    I like it when one or more of the following happens: A. it feels good, B. it makes me cry, C. it makes me laugh, D. it's got "funny" notes in it (like the black keys in the key of C), E. it conveys a strong sense of time, place, culture or personality, F. the person playing it...
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    Belly Button Buffet

    *Makes note to self, "Don't click on any more of BB's Belly Button Buffet posts.* No offense intended, BB. You put the warning up and everything but i clicked on it, anyway. Eatables in belly buttons is a drag. And i clicked on it(!). My bad.
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    Hot Boy Thread!

    Say/do, schmay/schmdo. Ain't ONE a' them guys didn't have a questionable history with women. More than one of them did heroin other than socially. Most of em smell like tobacco. And CLINTON??? Why they made such a big deal about the blow job after he, alledgedly a lover of the...
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    Happy, Healthy, Fat Old People

    Let us not forget Sarah Caldwell, the opera director and conductor, who passed away at 82 this year. She was a 4-500 pounder, the first woman to ever conduct the Metropolitan Orchestra and an all-around ball o' fire.
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    Top 5 moments

    !. Early July, '69... Knowing i was gonna get drafted any second and, being a devout coward and sweating getting bamboo under my fingernails, auditioned for the Army Band as a civilian on a delayed enlistment plan. If accepted, i'd have 90 days of Civilian Freedom before joining and a contract...
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    Let's write user titles for each other.

    Boteroesque Babe- Throbbing Member (Am i a creative genius or what???)
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    Classical Music

    Anybody who could write a post that considered (, if you will,) about music hasn't been ruined by anything.
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    Classical Music

    Cage is a bit of a head banger for my taste but i'm mightily impressed and would love to hear that story. I hope you're similarly impressed that i once urinated in the stall next to Jim Nabors. (and i'm not kidding about that.)
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    Classical Music

    Your opinion is widely shared, as you can't make it through freshman music theory without harmonizing a given melody line in four parts without breaking any of the 21 Bach voice leading rules. (Bach was WAY too cool to consciously write according to rules...these were derived later by those...
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    Do you believe in true love?

    Read this question and didn't respond because i'm getting a disturbing late start on a long day but while i was in the shower (where i do my best thinking), i had what i consider an interesting thought on the subject that i can't resist sharing. I recently heard an interview with a medical...
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    The thread for random single COMPLAINTS.

    I've been putting up with my snotty Spellcheck coming back with "not in dictionary" and (, even more annoying,) "no suggestions" for a long, long time and it just said it to me for the last time. It knows damn good and WELL what i'm trying to say and i'm sick and tired of its uppityass...