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    First Weight Story You Recall Reading

    About 20 years ago, I was on a business trip, sitting alone in my hotel room. Access to the internet was kind of new and I started searching about weight related items...not sure what I was looking for. I hit upon my first wg story. It was on the old Dimensions anonymous page. It was called...
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    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    Great link, GrowingBoy. Lots of great reading. I am not sure I believes it all, but definitely a fun read and a few nice photos too. Thanks for reviving this old thread that I started over 10 years ago. I am still fascinated by the topic. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, I am always...
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    New Khakis

    Winner, winner, watermelon dinner!
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    Finding a Way Home

    BBD you have done it again, another great story. I’m a big fan.
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    You Are My Sunshine

    Another BBD classic. Any chance for adding an epilogue covering the wedding and honeymoon? I am wondering how plump and how many pounds they were carrying when she walked down the aisle.
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    BOTH High School Jeans (Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance)

    Thanks, hadn't been on this site in ages. It's funny to see that I posted it 8 years ago and someone recently discovered it and commented.
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    BOTH As You Were - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BHM, ~BBW, ~~WG)

    Another winner by BBD. Sweet, well written, and believable.
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    The Warm-Up (BBW, WG, Edited)

    A very sweet story, beautifully written. I really like stories of accidental gain rather than intentional. Thank you for posting.
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Nice addition. What will happen in January??
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    Seasonal Expansion (BBW, WG)

    Great. My kind of story. I just loved it. Hope to hear what happens to Carla in January.
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    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    I thought I would add a comment to if I could revise this old thread. Anyone noticed that once-thin hubby or bf is getting a spare tire?
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    BOTH Route 66 - BHM, BBW, WG

    Fun story. I loved it.
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    BOTH The Biographer - ~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG

    Short but very sweet addition.
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    BOTH The Biographer - ~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG

    Awesome story. I loved it. Mutual gaining is my kind of story. Keep going, I am looking forward to Samantha plumping up.
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    That Skinny Asian Girl ( non-fiction stuffing feeding ~BBW ~~WG )

    Thank you for sharing that great little story. It's extra special because it is true. Please keep us updated on any new developments.
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    Belle loses weight during freshman year while those closest to her all seem to be gaining. Could it be that Belle had something to do with that? Belle Chapter 3: College Life, Freshman Year I attended a small agricultural college in southern Georgia. I wanted to be close enough to make it...
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    Artist and Model, or Kelly's Body Upgrade

    Excellent work. Another Swordfish classic.
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    [Author’s Note: A story of pure fiction inspired by the posts of Nomoreskinnygirl from Fantasy Feeder, written in collaboration with her, and posted with her permission.] Belle Chapter 1: Beginnings A slim southern girl has a funny habit of gaining weight in winter and losing it before...
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    BOTH Professor? WG, BOTH

    Great story. I read it on a flight across the US. Besides the main story, I love all the side stories of the chubby co-workers.