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    Morgan - by James (~SSBBW, Extreme stuffing, ~XWG)

    ~SSBBW, Extreme stuffing, ~XWG - a girl with an stomach beyond belief is fed by everyone [Author's note: Hi everyone! This was a story I did a long time ago and redid over again. Hope you enjoy. I am thinking of doing a second part, so any constructive input would be appreciated - James]...
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    Megan and Her Appetite - by J. Baras (~BBW, Eating Fantasy, Stuffing ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Eating Fantasy, Stuffing ~MWG - introducing a teen with the biggest appetite in history Megan and Her Appetite by J. Baras I could not wait for Megan and her family to arrive for our monthly dinner. Last month, Megan cleared us out. Paranoid, my mother and I bought the supermarket...
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    Aurora Aurora staggered into her dormitory, and collapsed on her bed, making the bed sag. Her already large stomach was overfilled and overgorged. The hefty amount of food and drink that was in it was glopping, slopping and sloshing around, making a liquid like noise emanate from her...