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    Celebrity fatties

    I love Whitney Thore on my big fat fabulous life.
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    Any Upcoming Events or Get Togethers near Ohio

    Inquiring about any conventions events or get togethers involving fat admirers?
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    Sweat Pants for my Sweetie

    Thanks for all your great suggestions but I have tried all of them with the exception of Kingsize direct. We get all those catalogs on a daily basis :)They either only go to 3X or 4X, or they do not have elastic cuffs. That's where the current worn out ones are from, but we need a more...
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    Sweat Pants for my Sweetie

    I am having a difficult time finding sweat pants for my wife and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I am looking for size 5X cotton fleece with elastic cuffed legs and waist with no pockets. Thanks!