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  1. likeitmatters

    are you a snuggler or not and why?

    I met someone at work and he told me that he is not snuggler and needs a wide berth of free space to exist and I said I love to hug and do not need that much personal space in my life. what about you?
  2. likeitmatters

    anyone lose someone they loved alot

    through death? it would appear that I am forgetting some good times my carl and I had and I am rather sad about it. I wonder if anybody has gone through the same thing? I cannot remember what his voice sounds like nor some of the wonderful times we had in our relationship and it was sincerest...
  3. likeitmatters

    women going topless

    here is the article and I feel they should be allowed to go topless because I do not understand why men who have breasts as big as some women are allowed to do. but read the article and ring in if you like...
  4. likeitmatters

    show us the picture of your animals

    Here is the latest addition to my family. His name is Jack and he found me. He was alone on the street dirty and starved almost to death and I said to him, Little one you wanna come home with me and be loved and cared for? He said yes plus I had some Ham slices in my hand which he gobbled up...
  5. likeitmatters

    charlene- never been to me I know I have posted this before but could not find it and I am wondering how the gals in this forum relate to this song. On my part, I feel she is wondering all over the world and looking for true love and going from man to man and being wined...
  6. likeitmatters

    mothers day memories

    anybody care to share their thoughts about their mothers? My own mother has been gone for almost 7 years and to me she was the most beautiful mother and who loved me for me and though we did not agree on many topics, I loved her more than life. I miss her hugs and kisses and being with her...
  7. likeitmatters

    funniest videos do you have a video that made you laugh? well this one makes me laugh... but I enjoy life quite a bit anyway. :bow::bow:
  8. likeitmatters

    to those who love to fly..see the prices to fly

    You go to a travel website, plug in dates and locations, and up comes the lowest fare. Don’t click yet! With airlines practically charging you for the pressurized air, extra one-way fees* can really add to your round-trip total. We’ve done the legwork for you, looking at the top eight...
  9. likeitmatters

    sit down rest or buffet style and tipping

    Do you like to go to a sitdown restaurant or do you prefer to go to a buffet style restaurant? and do you tip differently depending on which restaurant. I myself do not go to a sit down restaurant because I like variety and I happen to like the prices are much more reasonable and I do not...
  10. likeitmatters

    texting and driving..

    Do anyone here text and drive? I thought this is something important. I find it annoying that people do that instead of pulling over and then text. What could be so important that you risk everybodies life and including yours by doing that when you are driving. :doh::doh:
  11. likeitmatters

    do you have sex on the first dates

    or not? I am wondering if men or women bed with someone or purposely go out and look for sex in this day and age. I watched that god awful show "jersey shore" and found those boys and girls to be tacky and nothing more than sluts and man whores and I cannot believe they or anybody would lower...
  12. likeitmatters

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    I do believe in love at first sight and you all know about my immoral beloved and I will tell you that after chatting with him on internet messenger, I knew he was going to live with me after 5 minutes but the rest is how you say ancient history and I like to know if you Believe in love at first...
  13. likeitmatters

    birth of my babies

    to my sadie marie. she gave birth to 5 babies last night and I do not know the sexes yet except for one that I know is a male. mother and babies are doing fine and I am a wreck having no sleep last night. :bow::bow::bow::bow:
  14. likeitmatters

    joke of the day...rather funny

    Big as a Grill" A couple had been married 15 years. One afternoon they were working in the garden together. As the wife was bending over pulling weeds, the husband said, "Honey, your butt is getting big. I bet it is as big as the gas grill now." The husband, feeling he needed to prove...
  15. likeitmatters

    question about hugs

    I come from a very huggy type family and I grew up with the notion that it was quite normal to hug man women and children and being italian it was quite normal. Now that I am living down in south carolina for many years(good luck new york), I have noticed something over the years which sort of...
  16. likeitmatters

    to all animal lovers

    I just put down my beautiful dog "jack' he was 15 years old and he was with me for many years and I am feeling very alone and the things that made me feel joy are slowly shrinking away from me. This song tells you how I feel right now. to me love comes with a high price and few rewards...
  17. likeitmatters

    carl and I---first and last time

    Tomorrow it will be 5 years since my partner passed away at 6 30 p.m. and I still can remember the whole night and the day before like it was yesterday. The pain has lessened over the years but this time of the year for a few minutes make me think of what may have been. Let me tell you about...
  18. likeitmatters

    what is your favorite xmas song? This song holds something very special to me because it was the first song I heard after my late partners death and even after all these years I still get choked up from listening to it... :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
  19. likeitmatters

    what I had for dinner...what did you have tonight?

    my own pasta bowl as shown on tv and cheaper and tastier....
  20. likeitmatters

    I thought everybody would love this and he is a big one and be sure to turn your volumne up is a laugh riot :bow: