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  1. BigBawdyDame

    Simple Pleasures

    1. Lying in bed with my cat, stroking is silky fur, listening to him purr. 2. Laughter 3. Watching a humming bird drink nectar from your flowers so close that you could reach out and touch it. 4. Watching my cats play. 5. Seeing 'my' woodchuck sitting on the side of the road...
  2. BigBawdyDame

    October 18th is National Love Your Body Day

    The National Organization for Women (NOW) is proud to celebrate "Love Your Body Day" on October 18th. Love Your Body Day is all about promoting positive images of all women of all shapes and sizes and is meant to encourages all of us to love ourselves for who we are, to "Love Your Body"...
  3. BigBawdyDame

    The Movie Quote Game

    Here are the rules: Name the movie the from the previous post. (Actor and character welcomed, but not necessary). Then post your own. Easy. I'll start: "Hello, my name is Ingio Montoya. You killed my father Prepare to die!" PS I'm going to see this performer in concert on Friday...
  4. BigBawdyDame

    Favorite Christmas Song(s)

    We have a station here in Michigan that has been playing Christmas songs since the beginning of November. Yes, I said the beginning of November! I, being the sane person that I am, have avoided it like the plague. However, being that it is Christams Eve, eve, we listened to it on the way home...
  5. BigBawdyDame

    Dumb Things Cats Play With

    Our new kitten, (cat, he's just over a year old), has a new cat toy. Potatoes. Yes, I said potatoes. He takes them out of the bag with his teeth, rolls them off the bar in the kitchen, and then either rolls them or carries them around the house. Now, I've had cats all my life, (42+ years)...
  6. BigBawdyDame

    "Running With Scirssors"

    Has anyone read this book? I'm about half way through it and I'd really enjoy hearing any opinions about. If you haven't yet read it, I'd recommend it. It's one of the most disturbing yet hard to put down books I've ever read. :confused:
  7. BigBawdyDame

    Nasty, Bitter Senior Citizen

    Last night at dinner, I came *this close* to telling off an eldery woman! ME, the person who values older people and feels that our society doesn't nearly enough. This is what happened: My mother and I were sitting at a table at Red Lobster waiting for our dinner to arrive, chatting about...
  8. BigBawdyDame

    Famous Children of Famous Parents

    I was very surprised to learn early this evening that Anderson Cooper of CNN (Anderson Cooper 360) is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Is there anyone you were surprised to learn was the son/daughter or parent of another famous person?
  9. BigBawdyDame

    I Need To Vent

    I'm not usually the kind to complain, but I have to put this down in writing. I am so ANGRY right now, I could spit! I was suppose to work on a project for school with this woman as my partner. We've known about it for a couple of weeks. Nothing big, but something I didn't know how to do...
  10. BigBawdyDame

    What advertising rep gives you the creeps?

    The Burger King King. *shudder*
  11. BigBawdyDame

    What if anything do you collect?

    After learning that one of my favorite people here also collects Boyds Bears, I thought it might be interesting to see what the rest of us collected. Besides Boyds, I also collect: 1. Penguins 2. Book markers Oh, and business cards. :eek:
  12. BigBawdyDame

    JK Rowlings

    My mother was telling me this story earlier this evening...JK Rowlings (the author of the Harry Potter books) is having trouble finding paper to write her next novel on in the small village she lives in. Has anyone else heard more to this story? Just curious...:confused:
  13. BigBawdyDame

    Beatle Trivia

    After reading another thread whose direction went into Beatle lyrics, I thought it might be fun to have an actual Beatle Trivia thread. So,for those of us who are Beatle fans (and there seems to be quite a few! :D ) here it is...BEATLE TRIVIA!!! First question has two parts. 1. Who was...
  14. BigBawdyDame

    Jury Duty: How to get out of serving

    I *finally* got a summons to serve on jury duty! And at federal court to boot! However, with my school schedule, there is no way I can drive 50 miles one way and be back in time for my evening classes. As much as I hate to ask, does anyone know a good excuse to help me get out of serving...
  15. BigBawdyDame

    Televison Shows I Don't Admit To Watching (But I do!)

    1. Dancing with the Stars 2. Any of the wife swapping programs 3. Supernanny 4. Project Runway 5. Iron Chef America ( I adore Mario Batali!) :shocked: