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  1. DanKiiDoLL

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    I'll play! Lol One of me taking a break from walking along the beach and one of my handsome bf and I before the pool.... Oh added a little sexified one too! Haha
  2. DanKiiDoLL

    Pauline named worlds heaviest woman.

    First off, Pauline I wish you the best of luck! Second, I think we're shattering some guys fantasies here but just think of it as a form of roleplay, no most of it isn't real but it's a fantasy and you should be thankful there's so many beautiful big women who are willing to put themselves out...
  3. DanKiiDoLL


    I think sitting on a guys lap is cute. And by now I've come to realize that I'm not gonna hurt anyone lol The only thing is I won't sit on a big guys lap, its far too uncomfortable for me, the tall skinny/muscular guys seem to work best as chairs lol
  4. DanKiiDoLL

    Chubby Chasers versus the Fat Admirer

    I don't know, I don't consider them the same I guess. To me a chubby chaser is a man trying to get his hands on the nearest thing with rolls for a night of fun. A FA to me is a guy who is truly into big women and pursues them in a normal manner, dates them, etc. But that's just my opinion, I...
  5. DanKiiDoLL

    The Photo Thief is at it again..

    Well if you guys ever need help getting one of those sites taken down and see a pic of me somewhere let me know. Like I said I think it's going too far taking just normal everyday personal pics of women and putting them on a site. So I'll be happy to complain and help you guys out =o)
  6. DanKiiDoLL

    The Photo Thief is at it again..

    So I hardly ever post on here or look around in this section but I did yesterday and read through a couple threads and such. I've read a lot about the picture stealing and so on. Although distasteful and just plain weird I think most webmodels know what they're getting themselves into so if I...
  7. DanKiiDoLL

    Recent Picture of You- part VIII :D :D :D

    So i realized I'm pretty new and don't contribute that much so here I go lol So ya thats ME lol
  8. DanKiiDoLL

    FA Photo Site - Has it been done?

    wow i never realized how many cute FAs there are! I don't think I saw a pic that i didn't think was cute or funny in some way. I love this thread!
  9. DanKiiDoLL

    I have a question!

    So my friend said her sister goes on a "fat girl line". It's a phone chat line for big girls, kinda like livelinks and all those party lines. I don't really know anything about it, maybe it's cali based I dunno but does anyone know the number? She wants the number, it's her birthday weekend and...
  10. DanKiiDoLL

    heaviest you were at school?

    When I was in highschool I was about 340-ish that was my senior year, I was big all throughout school though and gained a lot but didn't care cuz I was so young and didn't pay attention. Now I'm in college, I'm at around 370. am I the only thats STILL the fat kid in school lol
  11. DanKiiDoLL

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Ok so I'm pretty new here! Just thought I'd post and introduce myself =o) Name: Dankii Age: 19 Location: Southern california Interests: ANIMALS! guitar, writing, music of course, texting LOL So about me, I'm a vegetarian and I love all animals and reptiles. I have a few piercings kinda...