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  1. goochoid

    R.I.P Rhonda :(

    What a lovely girl, what a nice friend and what a terrible shame. I send my love and positive vibes to all her friends and family. I am deeply saddened by this news.
  2. goochoid

    Our Community Loss - Cindy G.

    Very sad news indeed. I take my hat off to a very lovely lady. An inspiration.
  3. goochoid

    Please VOTE FOR MY FILM - and forward the rise of cuvry actors!

    Hi Guys, Im a film maker in London England, and I'm always trying to cast non-skinny girls in decent roles. This is pretty difficult at the best of times. BUT. I've entered a competition to make a feature film. I've made a short film: and if it wins, then I get to make the...
  4. goochoid

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Oh and here's a pic of me too, so you know wot I look like. I tried three other nice pics but the files were too big, so now you've got me looking grumpy, or is it cool?
  5. goochoid

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Hi there, Im a newbie, so I thought it only polite to say hi! im a London based FA, spent a lot of time in the US, living and working, and this seems a cool place to visit. Name: Martin Age: 35 (earth years) (I'm not sure what it is in Martian or Jovian years) Location: London...