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  1. Lady at Large

    Swedish Fish

    Just the name of this thread make me start salivating! Yum fish.
  2. Lady at Large

    Food resolutions for 2009

    I am giving up sugar (again) this year, and am going to TRY to break my addiction to cheese. <---though I don't want to.
  3. Lady at Large

    Fun with Nails!

    Back when I was a hairstylist I always wore acrylic nails filed nice and square and used OPI color "Needles in a Haystack" which I LOVED, or I would have a french tip air brushed on. I miss those I have the ugliest short cut nails...*sigh*
  4. Lady at Large

    H E L L: Level 10.5

    I too feel the pain of ill fitting shoes. I have tiny little feet (think picture of fat lady ending in tiny little feet, that is me) but they are WIDE! So I walk around with my toes flapping free inside of my shoes, slipping and sliding making blisters on the balls of my feet.
  5. Lady at Large

    Top Chef - New York

    I thought it was a good week, with the chefs seeing/judging each other's dishes. I wasn't tragically sad to see either person go...but then I don't really have any major favorites this season yet either.
  6. Lady at Large

    So .... What's Your Sign??

    I am an Aries (April 16th).
  7. Lady at Large

    For the first time in my life I felt

    Dittos on what other have said about not hating or being embarrassed of yourself! I used to PREFER the booths so I could try and hide so people couldn't see me...uh huh yeah that worked...Until the one time I went to a place that had a booth with a sort of arm on the outside it was like when...
  8. Lady at Large

    Top Chef - New York

    Maybe Tom knows he is a super hottie turning everyone on and that is why he was smiling and twinkling. ;) This thread reminds me to set the dvr. So love top chef.
  9. Lady at Large

    What Are You EATING right now?

    Grape nuts cereal with soy milk and banana...yummmmmmmmmmmmy!
  10. Lady at Large

    Movies only YOU hate

    I am just the opposite, if I see Tim Burton's name I am going to LOVE it, if only on principle...but mostly the artwork.
  11. Lady at Large

    Poll - Which Free Credit Report Dot Com Ad Annoys You Most?

    I picked the sub-compact one but only because my brother in law drove my car to meet my sister and I someplace and he said he felt like he was in a Free credit report dot com tv commercial (my car isn't that bad...truly). :D
  12. Lady at Large

    the ONE thing annoying you the most right now??

    I came in here to talk about something trivial that annoyed me, but after reading about that little girl being literally tormented to death and thinking about how her life must have been three years of utter fear I realized my little annoyance is superficial and not worth writing about.
  13. Lady at Large


    I am clearly way too stupid to understand all the by play here, but I do think that back to the issue of changing for someone, (or to whether the guy is good for Ruby)...if we do change ourselves to fit into what a person/people want us to be (ie: lose, gain weight, etc) there will always end up...
  14. Lady at Large

    Who had their own high school bully??

    I 'sort' of had a bully for a minute, she was a friend in theater with me. She did something really rude to someone and I called her on it (called her a Beotch actually) that opened the flood gates for her. Luckily she only had one minion though or it could have been much worse, I am so happy...
  15. Lady at Large

    Meghan McCain

    She is a cute girl, but I am always surprised when people call anyone over a size 2 fat.
  16. Lady at Large


    I have accepted that the only kind of fat person that is acceptable to 'society' at large (no pun intended) is a DIETING fat person, but I was a bit leery of the show showing Ruby as a humorous device or to be pitied...which honestly I get enough of on a daily basis! But I find it to be more...
  17. Lady at Large

    Movies only YOU hate

    Oh crud I forgot Interview with a Vampire...ugh...Tom Cruise you are NO Lestat. That movie sucked (no pun intended) on so many levels! A note for future reference....just because we slap a blond wig on someone doesn't mean they are going to looks sexay.
  18. Lady at Large

    Movies only YOU hate

    I know it won about a blazillion awards but I HATED Forrest was so long it could have been twelve different boring movies. *Sigh* hate this movie so much. Run
  19. Lady at Large

    Best Anime Ever!

    Wow.............yeah no other words.
  20. Lady at Large

    Top Chef - New York

    I am watching it right now on is good to see Padma and Tom again. The cockiness of the chefs is always fun too.