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  1. Pixelpops

    Anonymous Valentines: Yay or Nay

    Hello folks. I'm sure you all know Valentines is this weekend, wether we like it or not. As it's being thrown in my face with every shop window I wander past, I've been thinking about cards. I mean, even people who hate Valentines Day secretly love getting cards right? So I guess my...
  2. Pixelpops


    Forgive me for the spelling America, It's just what I'm used to. I wondered if people wouldn't mind giving me their thoughts on colours for a photography project (don't worry! no psychoanalysis or anything like that :) ) Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple What thoughts and feelings do you...
  3. Pixelpops

    Fat Acceptance and Self.

    Recently I've been pondering an issue I have with myself. Can I really be a supporter of the Fat Acceptance Movement when my weight is my point of self loathing? Don't get me wrong, I think that the girls and boys of this board are beautiful. Whenever I see a photo of one of the many gorgeous...
  4. Pixelpops

    Working and the Big Girl

    So.. Yesterday, I was fired from my job, because I was too fat to fit into the overalls needed. After a brief conversation with the manager, I was told that in the future, the company would look at expanding the range of overalls they provided to cover bigger and smaller people. I have no...