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  1. 10centporkchop

    Pot luck suppers and such

    Ever been to one of those pot luck dinners or church suppers where everyone brings a dish? Then you spy something delicious and irresistable on the table. You want to eat the whole thing but you know you can't, you have to be polite and appear as if you're hardly eating anything. I remember...
  2. 10centporkchop

    All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet

    I love Chinese food. I spend almost all of my disposable income on Chinese food and most of that goes to my local all you can eat Chinese Buffet. Lately I've been hooked on something they call "salt and pepper chicken" which is fried chicken wings cut into small bite size pieces. It has a...
  3. 10centporkchop

    Have any of you tried instant Jell-o pudding lately?

    I used to only eat cooked pudding but recently I tried Jell-o instant pudding because it had a flavor I had never tried before - Devils Food. Wow what a difference! It comes out so rich and creamy when made with whole milk, you'd swear it was cooked pudding. And it's so easy to make and clean...