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  1. slurpeekell12

    A Change for the Fatter - by Swordfish

    Well done. I enjoyed this story.
  2. slurpeekell12

    BOTH University life by Biglad [BHM, BBW]

    Good story. Nice start, looking forward to more.
  3. slurpeekell12

    BHM Big Shot (BHM, WG, Stuffing)

    I liked this story, very original and realistic characters.
  4. slurpeekell12

    Question for all about weight gain

    I remember enjoying movies with pregnant women as a teen and pre teen. Reflecting back I realize now that I was aroused by these women gaining weight, even before I knew what it meant to be aroused. Through puberty, middle school and high school I was developing feelings for women, again not...
  5. slurpeekell12

    Coming out of the fridge

    Sweet pic, thanks for sharing!
  6. slurpeekell12

    The thrill of "your highest weight"

    I recently thought I was around 125 or 130 but I stepped on a friend's scale to see 140 :) I noticed I had some new jiggles lately but right now I'm excited to try gaining more (again) I've gone up and down my whole life but now I'm looking forward to reaching new gains ;)
  7. slurpeekell12

    RIP Ralphie May

    So sad to hear this, Love his work!!!
  8. slurpeekell12

    BHM The Monstrosity (BHM, eating, stuffing, food)

    Great story so far, thanks for sharing.
  9. slurpeekell12

    Chubby female comic book character

    Great art!
  10. slurpeekell12

    The Sims finally catching up with society

    Thanks for the link, great article and progress in the video game world.
  11. slurpeekell12

    Coming Back To the Nest (~BBW, ~WG)

    Great story excellent writing & love the plot.
  12. slurpeekell12

    Fit2Fat2? By TheOwl (~BBW~Stuffing~~MWG)

    I agree! Love the format, the realistic progress & definitely her dislike of the situation... So far. Keep up the great work!
  13. slurpeekell12

    Kelli's desires (BBW, WG, stuffing, descriptive)

    Great story! Thanks for sharing ;)
  14. slurpeekell12

    The Subway weight gain commercials

    Thanks for sharing, definitely 2 thumbs up!
  15. slurpeekell12

    Fabulous GLBTQ Confessions Thread

    I really like this girl but I dont want to fuck it all up like I did with the last one I thought I really liked, and the one before that & the one before that...... I want to learn from the failed relationships but I dont know how to not fall in love.....
  16. slurpeekell12

    Love: Does it matter if...?

    I agree with CarlaSixx sex is one element in relationships, while very important it does not define us. Our partners are our own choice, so are our labels if we choose to wear them. I choose to wear the label lesbian because I am attracted only to women. But that doesnt mean I dont think some...
  17. slurpeekell12

    Single, Attached, Looking?

    Thank you Green Eyed Fairy, apparently it wasnt meant to be. I'm moving on, staying positive & looking for real love elsewhere :)
  18. slurpeekell12

    Experiences at Strip Clubs

    I've always had good experiences at strip clubs. Always attention from the dancers both as a single lesbian & with my partner. Never been treated that way by management either, I agree with most responses here, good reason to boycott that club :) Hope you find a better experience elsewhere.