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  1. 10centporkchop

    Easter Baskets

    Whoa there! Not everyone celebrates Easter, we need to celebrate diversity....don't you mean "spring baskets"? But seriously, I liked chocolate rabbits and all those hard boiled eggs. I do not like Cadbury eggs. Yech!:eat1::eat1::eat1:
  2. 10centporkchop

    Right Fit Jeans - Weird Smell...

    Ha ha a gallonlyof water would be enough to submerge my circus size jeans in!
  3. 10centporkchop


    Are your Lee jeans relaxed fit or eased fit? i just picked up a pair of eased fit at Walmart and they ride a bit low. The relaxed fit supposedly rides higher on the waist but when i held them out, they looked smaller than the eased fit, and since I never try anything on when in Walmart, I...
  4. 10centporkchop

    Old Navy: More Bad News

    Not everybody celebrates St. Patrick's Day either, they have no trouble with that, but God forbid they should acknowledge Christmas. When they lose customers due to their own stupid business decisions, they deserve to go broke. :eat1:
  5. 10centporkchop

    Old Navy: More Bad News

    I could care less what happens to them, they deserve to go broke after their rediculous use of the term "holiday" and refusal to acknowledge Christmas. :eat1:
  6. 10centporkchop

    Girl Scout cookies

    Thin mints and Samoas. I like to get at least two boxes of each kind. The Samoas are the only ones that you can't find a substitue for on your grocer's shelf. This is the first year I tried the shortbreads. They're worth it!
  7. 10centporkchop

    Pot luck suppers and such

    Ever been to one of those pot luck dinners or church suppers where everyone brings a dish? Then you spy something delicious and irresistable on the table. You want to eat the whole thing but you know you can't, you have to be polite and appear as if you're hardly eating anything. I remember...
  8. 10centporkchop

    Would you rather...

    I would rather live in it's decline, since I'm used to that. Would you rather go to the dentist or the gynecologist?
  9. 10centporkchop

    Your Favorite Protest Songs!

    Praise the Lord and Pass the ammunition!.:D
  10. 10centporkchop

    Weird Crushes

    I've got the hots for Benjamen Netanyahoo. (Sp?) Anyway, he's so sexy and I love to say his name. I've also got it bad for Tony Blair.
  11. 10centporkchop

    What's your deal breaker?

    I don't have any. I figure at my age and weight, any man who isn't completely repulsed by the sight of me can't be entirely ruled out.
  12. 10centporkchop

    Ribs and BBQ

    When i went there they were sold out of potato salad. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good? i Didnt care for the greenbeans, they're served almost raw. i Like my greenbeans cooked to death till they're really soft.
  13. 10centporkchop


    I also like the Avenue Jeans, in particular the Denim Lite brand, but has anyone else besides me noticed that these jeans have a strong, chemical odor to them, especially the black denim? Is it the dye? You can't get rid of the smell untill you've washed them like 100 times and even then it's...
  14. 10centporkchop

    All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet

    I love Chinese food. I spend almost all of my disposable income on Chinese food and most of that goes to my local all you can eat Chinese Buffet. Lately I've been hooked on something they call "salt and pepper chicken" which is fried chicken wings cut into small bite size pieces. It has a...
  15. 10centporkchop

    Have any of you tried instant Jell-o pudding lately?

    Wow...please post the recipe for your lemon milk shakes. Sounds delicious.
  16. 10centporkchop

    Have any of you tried instant Jell-o pudding lately?

    I used to only eat cooked pudding but recently I tried Jell-o instant pudding because it had a flavor I had never tried before - Devils Food. Wow what a difference! It comes out so rich and creamy when made with whole milk, you'd swear it was cooked pudding. And it's so easy to make and clean...
  17. 10centporkchop

    Discontinued foods

    If they ever bring back Frank-o American macaroni and cheese in a can I will eat nothing but that for a week. I'm also a huge fan of Chef-Boy-R-Dee's Beef-o-ghetti. It was better than spaghetti-o's. Maybe the food companies should have focus groups made up of fat people. After all, we're the...
  18. 10centporkchop

    Discontinued foods

    Bring back the jell-o pudding pops. I used to eat them and give our dog Joey a lick and my sister was so grossed out that I would eat after him. HA HA HA. Some time ago McDonald's discontinued the McChicken sandwich for years. Of course they have since brought it back, but back in the early...
  19. 10centporkchop

    Favorite school cafeteria lunch

    I remember standing in line watching the cafeteria lady slop the food onto the tray and hoping that the tray I got had a fat size portion. It never did. I would get hostile if I only got a few tater tots or a tiny portion of spaghetti. I liked the bread they served with the spaghetti, they...
  20. 10centporkchop

    Good Humor Ice cream

    I can remember falling down the stairs trying to race to the ice cream truck. I loved chocolate eclairs too but never seemed to have enough money for those. I don't know what the name of it was but I used to call those rainbow swirl ice cream cups "bonjoys" but maybe I was pronouncing it...