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  1. luckydogg72

    New BHM from Alabama SUP peeps

    Hi everyone just wanted to get to know some new people, an thought I would post some pic of me an see what responces I get. Love the site by the way never knew anything like this was out there. Ok here we go I'm 29 have 2 daughters one I have custody of. As you can see I only have one leg, I...
  2. luckydogg72

    What size BHM or FFA are you looking for?

    Well I'm new here but will give my 2 cents two i guess i'm 6'3 an weight around 355 an i like smaller women an thick girls i guess somewhere between 105 an 185 if i had to guess but it's more of an ass thing that's what catches my eyes first most of the time cause they usually walkin away
  3. luckydogg72

    Ladies, You Know you Wanna

    hey i'm new here but may i thank god for this site all the women in the pic are beautiful an oh my god sexy