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  1. fallenj05

    how many calories?

    hi every one im struggling on getting fat, well as fat as I would like to be and I would like to be out growing some clothes ive got and getting to my next goal weight of 250Lb but I'm not sure im eating enough how many calories a day do you eat? what kinds of foods? how often? and any other...
  2. fallenj05

    Funnel feeding

    Hi everyone this might sound a little strange but I don't know how to use a funnel feeder and what resipe to use for the liquid to use with on if anybody has any advise or suggestions please tell me thanks
  3. fallenj05

    hanging belly

    hi everyone I am 19 years old and I weight 200lb and I really want my belly to start hanging a bit more I have gained 30lb in the last few months but my belly just keeps going out not down anyone got any tips or advice on how to get it to start hanging or is it just simply I just have to eat...
  4. fallenj05

    how i started gaining

    hi everyone I thought I would share the story with you guys on how I started gaining. in primary school I always got bullied for my weight and how fat I was and how slow I was at everything. and then my parents took it up with the doctor about my weight and I was not very happy about that and...
  5. fallenj05

    your dinner pics

    post a photo of your dinners make me feel hungry !!!!!! :eat1::eat1::eat1:
  6. fallenj05

    fav comfort food

    what food relaxes you the most
  7. fallenj05

    best way to inflate your belly

    hi I am thinking of starting to inflate my belly but I don't know the best way to do it any suggestions
  8. fallenj05

    what weight am i ?

    hi using my profile photo guess what weight I am good luck:eat1::eat1::eat1:
  9. fallenj05

    drinking coke and eating mentos!!!!

    hi everyone I seen some people doing this on youtube and a thought it looked really fun when you massive belly just got bigger bigger and bigger I swallowed a full roll of mentos and then drank a litre and a half of diet coke and I gained 6 inches on my belly it took about 4 hours to get back...
  10. fallenj05

    quess what weight i am ?

    using my profile photo guess what weight I am put you answer below:confused::confused::confused:
  11. fallenj05

    best weight gain shake

    hi everyone I have been trying to gain weight I have been doing very well for the last few months and reached every goal I had made but this month I just cant put on any more and weight gain shakes came straight to my mind in the past I haven't used them because I just thought using weight gain...
  12. fallenj05

    what is your weight right now?

    surprise me write it here:eat1::eat1::eat1:
  13. fallenj05

    What are the advantages of being fat

    What do you think they are write them here:eat1::eat1::eat1:
  14. fallenj05

    what is the most weight you have put on in a year?

    surprize me!!!!! my record is 67Ib in a year that was last year !!!! :eat1::eat1::eat1::eat1::eat1::eat1:
  15. fallenj05

    How did you get past being shy and afraid to put on weight?

    how do you guys get past all that people saying you shouldn't and you'll look terrible and all that stuff and also what what made you want to be a gainer?:eat1::eat1::eat1:
  16. fallenj05

    best weight gain shake

    hi every one I want to gain more weight to reach my target of 220Ib and I thought weight gain shakes would be the answer but I just don't know which one to get got any suggestions?:eat1: