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  1. Uriel

    Happy Birthday Me!!! :D

    I thought I'd jump the gun and beat anyone else...Ha! I'm 39 for the second year today... No, I am not scared of 40, but I have always loved Jack Benny, and he was 39 for 41 years... I'm gonna beat him! And, yes, I couldn't wait to get to be 39 forever...when I was 10 or so. I was a weird...
  2. Uriel

    What is making you SAD right now...

    I'm not sure if there is a Sad thread, but I just looked through 5 pages, with no result. Me: I just saw (On the news) that they found that 8-year old girl Sandra Cantu, stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a pond. I didn't know her, and Tracey (Her home) is just one of those places along the...
  3. Uriel

    Oh, THANK YOU UK, Thank You For the CHAVS...Hehehe

    God, I can't stop laughing, reading about the obscure (To those here in the US, anyways) evidently epidemic of fucktards in the UK. Hehehe...Oh shit. I hope that I get this right... Chavs seem to be unemployed youth, usually Caucasian, who wear track suits, Burberry patterns, tons of...
  4. Uriel

    "Anything not Music or Movie " Baker's Dozen...

    There are lots of cool things besides music and movies, so... Topic: Name a vacation spot that you have never been to, and are dying to visit. 1. The UK, Wales and Scotland in particular. -Uriel
  5. Uriel

    Hah, I knew it! Earthquake...

    Hehe, it was a small one, 4.3, but I still felt it. I like the smaller ones, very soothing... -Uriel
  6. Uriel

    New dating Show...Bachelor described as 'Kevin James Type...'

    Cross posted from Main Dims board. Well, it's a start towards the World accepting BHMs, as well as BBWs... I usually hate these sort of shows, but I just may watch this one. -Uriel
  7. Uriel

    New Dating Show says 'No Skinny Minnies'

    Now I know that their idea of fat/overweight is probably equivalent to most folks (Here) version of 'chubby-ish', but it's a start towards a little more Size Acceptance... -Uriel
  8. Uriel

    BHMs'...What're Ya Eatin'???

    So, as I threatened a few young ladies in another thread, a thread of hay we Big guys are eating... some might call it FFA Porn, I suppose. :D Dinner: Turkey meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, white corn and biscuits. Not sure if I am going to do the chocolate vake for dessert, or make the giant...
  9. Uriel

    BHM Story... ALVREDD

    So, I initially wrote this for a certain young lady. She pushed me to make it more available, and (At the request of one of the Mods, who received it from someone else, after it went slightly viral), I have placed it in the Story section. For those who have read the initial installment, I have...
  10. Uriel

    BHMs,besides the *Obvious*, what do you like...

    OK, we all know that there are a few things that almost every guy likes, and they are covered elsewhere in the World as 'Stuff Guys love for girls to do/do to girls'. That aside, what do you guys like done/ to do that might not be the usual oral/intercourse, etc... I hear a lot about Crushing...
  11. Uriel

    JABBA the HUTT...BHM Fantasy figure?

    So, I have been wondering this for a bit, actually. Many folks have fantasy figures, and I am sure that someone has an opinion on the subject. And my offering...a little SW Fan Fiction (And I am barely a fan at this point, Mr Lucas has quite destroyed my childhood memories of the 3 original...
  12. Uriel

    What's your Comfort Food?

    Hey there to all of my fellow fat guys, girls, those who love us etc... I was just wondering what your 'go to' foods were, when feeling blue, stressed, really happy, whatever. We all have favorites, often formed in childhood (As several of mine were). Anyways, let us know! If such dishes...
  13. Uriel

    Fee Fie Foe Fum!!! I Crush You!!!

    Get In Me Belly!!! Dedicated to a certain 'Crushable FFA', Enjoy, Bella... -Uriel PS And yes...I have a nice rack... Ha!
  14. Uriel

    Dream Concert... 5 Bands

    You are throwing a concert, money is no object, and the laws of Time&Space have cut you some slack (Dead musicians are OK...Yes, you can have The Beatles...). Name the 5 Bands/performers/whatever that you would want... I was tempted to have Wagner doing the entire Ring Trilogy...but I...
  15. Uriel

    Holiday Pics!!!

    In honor of Santa, a BHM of Merry proportions, I present to you, the 'Adventures of Ronny the Reindeer'. OK, so a cute girl made me wear reindeer ears...I'll have more before the Season is done, but for now... Ronny the Reindeer, Sexy-Santa, and Howie Reindeer (You can barely see his...