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  1. chubluvman

    Maribeth 1 - by Chubluvman (~BBWs,Eating, Romance, ~SWG)

    ~BBW, Eating, ~SWG - Two college coeds explore the fat lane Part of this is posted in the weight gain story room. I am starting it from the beginning and putting it on here for all of you to enjoy! Maribeth by Chubluvman Maribeth Wallace left high school as a fairly active and...
  2. chubluvman

    A New Holiday Pic for you!

    Looks like someone's been indulgent this holiday season :) Anyway I hope you all are having a great holiday and that Santa brings you everything you want !!! Best Wishes! Rich
  3. chubluvman

    A Fat Loving Couple Part 1

    I hope you all like this it's mutual gain with a man and woman very much in love! After meeting Amanda online and finding out how much we were alike our relationship really began to take off. We had known each other through many years of casual contact on the internet in weight gain...
  4. chubluvman

    Lisa Grows Larger Part 5

    Thanks for your patience I hope you all enjoy the rest of this! When we put out the first copy of "Feeding Times" the cover graced a 256 pound Lisa, a 274 pound Debbie, and a 362 pound Diane. The first issue was a small success with each of the girls getting $2000 each after expenses...
  5. chubluvman

    Lisa Grows Larger Part 4

    The holidays came and went as Lisa and I enjoyed ourselves in so many ways. We both ate like there was no tomorrow. Lisa was looking hotter and hotter all the time and she was driving the seamstress crazy with all the alterations needed for her wedding gown. On our wedding day Lisa tipped...
  6. chubluvman

    Lisa Grows Larger Part 3

    Please see part 2 just under part 1 before reading this! Enjoy! By our 9th month together, I decided to marry Lisa. She cooked us a fabulous meal and we helped ourselves to seconds on everything. Then,as she was debating whether to have another piece of cake, I proposed to her...
  7. chubluvman

    Lisa Grows Larger

    ~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~SWG - Foodlovers in paradise pile on pounds I wrote this story some time ago and posted it on the weight board. I hope you all enjoy it. Lisa Grows Larger by Chubluvman Looking around our livingroom I noticed just how sexy my wife Lisa had become since she had...
  8. chubluvman

    New belly pic

    Hi all, Just thought I post a new pic. Hope you enjoy :)