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    Running/walking not because it's easy, but because it's hard

    In his famous speech about going to the moon, John F. Kennedy spoke these immortal words: "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." I feel the same way about running. I don't do it because it's easy for me, but...
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    Discontinued stuff. Grrrr.

    Fashions come and go, but most of us have certain styles, products, brands that we REALLY like. And it's always SUCH a pain to find that the company that makes them, for some unfathomable reason, chooses to discontinue them. Like, why did Nike choose to discontinue their best shoe ever, the...
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    Bloggers -- post your latest entries here

    Donna suggested: Good idea, and here it is!
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    Fashion.... and fashion gripes

    I do recall how, way back when in High School, if you didn't wear the latest, coolest stuff you might as well stay in bed and not show up at all. To wear fashionable gear meant you got it, you had style, you made a statement, even if the statement was to wear the exact opposite. I recall how at...
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    Not sure how many of you are familiar with Raclette. It's a Swiss thing, right next to Fondue. While you prepare a Foundue with a mixture of Swiss cheeses and other ingredients in a pot and then bring it to a very gentle boil so the gathered assembly can dunk their pieces of bread at the end...
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    Vol-au-vent available anywhere?

    I'd been under the weather for several days this past weekend, but then Carol made this wonderful birthday dinner that I had asked her for. Vol-au-vents! Only problem was that she was unable to find any normal, full-sized vol-au-vents anywhere and eventually had to settle for those little...
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    Fat soccer fans get special seats at 2014 World Cup

    According to a report in Bloomberg, fat soccer fans will get special extra-wide seats at the 2014 World Cup that'll take place in Brazil later this year. The seats are twice as wide, and fans need a certificate that proves a BMI of 30 or more. They'll even get a free second ticket for a friend...
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    Health At Every Size revised: opinions?

    The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) announced the release of its updated Health at Every Size (HAES) principles. You can see the new language here: The Health At Every Size Approach.
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    If Dimensions were like

    And if I had any sense....
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    2 millionth post on Dimensions

    Sometime today, January 20, 2014, someone posts the two-millionth post on the "modern-era" Dimensions forums. There are over 96,000 threads, and almost 62,000 people are registered members of the Dimensions community. The Dimensions forum, on average, also has over 200,000 page views daily...
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    The do's and don't of exercise

    I absolutely believe in physical exercise, for all people, fat and thin. Exercise is vital to keep our systems going, but it's equally important to match the degree and level of physical exercise to what's feasible, reasonable, and sustainable. One of my dear friends, the late Kara...
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    Fat Elf

    Now here's a chunky Santa Claus elf I can relate to. But what's with the pole dancing?
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    Has your preference changed over the years?

    For those of you who are FAs and have been around for a while, like decades, has your preference changed, your desires?
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    Some things change, others not so much

    Yes, as I move on in life I've found that while some things change, others don't. I still love cars as much as I did way back when. The only difference is that my other car, now, is a Prius.
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    Dad jeans???

    I always thought jeans are sort of timeless. Sure, there have been periods where the fashionable cut was looser or tighter, but by and large, jeans are jeans. Then I read a comment by a young editor at one of the trendy technology websites when Apple introduced the new iPhones. He mockingly said...
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    Happy Birthday, R. Crumb

    R. Crumb is 70. How did that happen?! The younger generation may not know him, but Crumb, apart from being an awesome satyrical cartoonist, very much had FA tendencies (albeit with a leaning towards the Amazon side) and I fondly remember some of the fat girls in his comics.
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    Heart singing Stairway to Heaven

    Oh wow. I hadn't seen that one before. Heart singing Stairway to heaven, with Led Zeppelin looking on. Awesome to see dreamboat Annie belting out a wonderful rendition of one of my favorite songs ever. And, of course, Anne looks sensational. [See Heart doing Stairway to Heaven here]
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    Happy Birthday, Sandie Zitkus!

    Happy Birthday, Sandie. You're one of the charter members of the Dimensions Forums, having joined the same day as I back in September of 2005, and I created the dang thing. It's been a pleasure reading your views and opinions over the years. I hope you and Wayne are having a terrific day!!
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    Fat Mermaid video

    Nice video and story of a fat woman who enjoys being a mermaid: see here.
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    Is designer stuff worth the big bucks??

    I've often wondered about the value of designer stuff. Some items with designer labels can cost ten or even a hundred times as much as cheap knock offs, which often seem pretty much the same. Or is there inherent quality and value in designer items that justifies the price? For example, you...