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    Song Dedications

    I don't know if this has been done before. Dedicate and post a song to someone on Dims you know well, know a little, know of, would like to know better, would like to send a message, a NICE message, or some other meaning. Kind of like the Funk Thread or one of the other threads, maybe a...
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    Name Changers aka "formerly known as..."

    I have noticed a few more name changes recently. I can't keep up anymore and wanted to see if you guys could help. 1. If you changed your name, could you let us know what it was and why you changed it, only if you want to. 2. If you haven't changed your name, do you have any interest to...
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    Doomed Thread Titles

    Post your best bet for a thread title doomed for closing. You know, the "innocent" ones dipped and steeped in Hyde Park-aid? I'll start as an example. Here is mine. "Any Two-Term Bush Voter FAs??"
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    Doggie Discussion

    I know there are A LOT of dog fans here on the boards. My wife and I are starting to consider a dog for the family. My two boys are almost 10 and 13. Almost potty trained and.......okay just kidding, they still miss the toilet by a mile...:D We live in a small town with lots of sidewalks...
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    Secret Turn-ons

    Nod to GreenLantern and Keb. After stating (probably jokingly too) that posters posting anything about Star Trek NG or their characters instantly made them think the posters were sexy, it got me to thinking about the little things that flip our switches, open our eyes, wake us up, knead our...
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    White Lines, GEF Style

    What with all the "white lining" in many threads, I thought it might be fun to post your best "white lines". Let's see how long it takes GEF to figure out this ain't no cocaine nose job thread.
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    What Would You LIKE to Know About Your Fellow DIMS Posters

    Not to steal any thunder from Tina's thread, I thought it might be fun to have a thread to throw out questions to other posters they might like to know. Maybe fill in the blanks a bit if the posters want to answer. I can start by asking a few. What is famanstan's favorite sport...
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    Knit One, Purl Two

    I did a quick search on knitting before posting this. I see that a couple of women here on the boards are knitters. I guess this is a coming out for me, so go easy... I have to confess that I am a knitter. A male knitter. I picked it up while living overseas in Switzerland when I had...
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    Got Women's Roller Derby ?

    Took the family and some friends out to the Minnesota Rollergirls Roller Derby Night this past weekend. Met a few of the ladies practicing at the Metrodome (Rollerdome) a few months back, checked it out online and thought it might be fun.....Watched roller derby on boring Saturday afternoons as...
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    The Hidden Secrets of Your Dimensions Handle

    Some people here have interesting names (handles??) chosen for their Dims persona. If you want, explain what your handle means, maybe why you chose it. You don't need to reveal your real name, but you might say that you chose an alternate name of an old long lost friend, or a cat, dog, car...
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    Medical Mystery - Amnesia

    Hi guys. I am starting my first thread. Go easy on me. I saw a re-run of a program last night on ABC called Medical Mysteries. It showed a young man who suddenly lost all of his memories after the death of his friend and his wedding occuring within a few days. He was found and brought back...