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    from thin to fat
  2. Panzito

    Belly library (men/women)

    Making a Belly from thin to thick^^
  3. Panzito

    Where do you gain weight most?

    The fat is distributed proportionally throughout my body. Although in the photos I show a big belly, it is because I usually take them after a big meal. With my almost 40 kilos of weight gain I have noticed that my thighs, my ass, my belly, arms and breasts are now much thicker and softer.
  4. Panzito

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    when my biggest clothes started to squeeze me ^^
  5. Panzito

    Is there minimum requirement to be considered a BHM?

    I'm not sure if it really exists
  6. Panzito

    What is your weight right now?

    A year ago, my weight was 72 kg, but now it's around 105 kg and I want to continue fattening up to 120^^
  7. Panzito

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Hello, I just found this place, I would like to share my weight gain´s experiences with other members. I love eating and getting fat and watching others do the same, you can count on me for those who want to share experiences and receive encouragement. Thank you and excuse my english!
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    From thin to fat