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  1. Canadian

    Should I use the soap?!?

    So I don't know where it came from. After last weekend, it just showed up. Bam. Right there in the bathroom, where you would normally store soap. I asked the two guys I live with if they knew where it came from.... and naw... naw they didn't. I'm not even sure it's soap though. I...
  2. Canadian

    Top Ten Reasons I like Pumas.

    1. Pumas are cats, which are generally domesticated, but the Puma is not domesticated. This shows a lot of courage. It takes a brave feline to not sell out to the man. 2. Puma is not only the name of a cat, but the name of a shoe as well. Shoes protect your feet from broken glass and...
  3. Canadian

    Chick Music.

    I've changed. I don't know why it happened, or how. But it happened. I really used to have no interest in music by chick bands. I usually wasn't even into bands with female lead singers. My tastes were mainly ska, punk, alt-country, and sing-along rock, all genres that are pretty...
  4. Canadian

    Starbucks Boycott/Things that make me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

    The Link - The picture in question - The reason for the boycott - And most importantly, the money quote, posted in the comments -
  5. Canadian

    Check out this picture I took! Do it.

    So I'm walking around downtown Winnipeg this afternoon, and I came across an excellent photo opportunity. Very relevant to this board, I know. The place was definitely closed down, but I'm loving the shot. It's my new desktop background. I've still got the hi-res, full-size original...
  6. Canadian

    Annoying bar conversations.

    So this was a long weekend for us up here in Canada, and two of those nights, I ended up at a bar. I had a great time both nights, except for one annoying conversation that played itself out at least 8-10 times. I would be talking to a guy I knew, and a fat girl would walk by, followed by...
  7. Canadian

    Canadian in Vegas.

    Wow. I hadn't really realized I had been away from Dimensions for so long, but when I logged in tonight, I've got a little message suggesting I ask a question, provide a solution, or just engage in a conversation. Hahahaha so on that note, how's everybody been? So where have I been...
  8. Canadian

    What's wrong with me?

    So I've sat here for the last 30 minutes with the song "More than Words" on repeat. Not only is that a corny song that I shouldn't even be listening to in the first place, but I've heard it like 8 times in a row now and I'm not even close to sick of it. Obviously that isn't right. So what's...
  9. Canadian

    Tried out for Canadian Idol today.

    Had a heck of a time. I ended up getting past the first round of auditions, and the first judge told me that I was her favourite of the first five I auditioned with. I was pretty surprised, some of those girls could REALLY sing. I couldn't sing nearly as well, but apparently had "more...
  10. Canadian


    It's snowing in Saskatchewan! We're in the middle of a ridiculous blizzard here. I went to work in the morning, which was a mistake. It wasn't too bad then, snowing lightly with pretty heavy winds. Unfortunately, it got worse! We decided to shut work down at lunch because things were...