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  1. kinkykitten

    Weight limits?

    So ladies... what’s your weight limit for a man? I personally have none.. the more fat the more I get excited ❤️
  2. kinkykitten

    Cutie alert girls!

    Isn't he just adorable? I want to squish him!
  3. kinkykitten

    None BHM crushes?

    I'm a fully fledged FFA but I have a 'crush' on eleven kind.... Legolas and Thandruil! So do you have any weird non BHM preferences?
  4. kinkykitten

    Kinkykitten and Von_Pudge - BHM & FFA Couple Photo Thread!

    Here are some at last - Us together! Myself and Dan my fiance :wubu: :]
  5. kinkykitten

    For The Artists Amongst Us - Share Your Work!

    Not sure if this has been a post before.. I couldn't find one :) We have a photography thread and as an artist myself I was interested to see if some others here were and willing to share their work with us! Art in any form is welcome! Post away! :happy::happy:
  6. kinkykitten

    FFAs - Fat: How do you prefer it on a guy? BHMs - How do you prefer yours?

    Not sure if this has been asked before, if it has I'm sorry I am way too lazy to read back too far :p So FFAs... How? Do you prefer a guy to have soft flab? Firmer fat? Smooth? Lumpy? No preference? Same question for the BHMs if you want to answer.. how do you prefer yours? Might seem a...
  7. kinkykitten

    Food Art!

    Spotted some cute pics while logging into photobucket earlier... Feel free to post some of your own :]