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  1. Hawksmoor

    Google's Android

    Apparently, Google is coming out with a competitor for the iPhone. It looks pretty slick so far. For those of you with iPhones, how happy are you with them and would you consider switching to Google's phone? How about those you with a typical cellphone? More info can be found here...
  2. Hawksmoor

    Videogames Live

    Since there seem to be quite a few avid gamers here I thought I'd give you all a heads-up about an awesome tour you might be interested in. It's called Videogames Live and it's a worldwide tour that features symphony-performed videogame music. The symphony orchestra for each city the tour stops...
  3. Hawksmoor

    Tyson Homosexual

    The pic below is taken from the AP feed of conservative Christian website; the story was about Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay and it's probably one of the funniest flubs I can recall seeing: wasn't the only site that became the victim of their own automated...
  4. Hawksmoor

    Study Links Obesity & Academic Success Among Women

    If this belongs in Hyde Park or somewhere else, I apologize, but I didn't really want to rant about this so much as just offer it up for discussion, so that's why I opted to post it in this forum. That said, I'm surprised this avoided detection and scrutiny here on Dimensions thusfar. The...
  5. Hawksmoor

    American Fork

    A friend of mine sent me a link to this movie's trailer today, and it seems to be a very interesting portrayal of the life and times of a fat guy in small town America. I didn't see any threads about it and thought it might be something some here would like to know about and ultimately see. I'm...
  6. Hawksmoor


    Hello everyone. Given the recent spate of newcomers, I decided it was time I too de-lurked and finally started participating. I'm quite solitary, introverted, and somewhat shy, so it took me a while to finally go ahead and post. That being said, I'm a diehard FA through and through, and I'd say...