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  1. Gordo Mejor

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    How many FAs and FFAs appreciate the bits in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians where Santa tells Droppo that he can't wear the Santa suit, that he's going to have to fatten up, and then Droppo goes on a feeding binge. :eat1: :D
  2. Gordo Mejor

    Does dating change?

    By our 50s, we've all been through a number of relationships. Are you looking for the same things in a partner, or have your needs changed?
  3. Gordo Mejor

    Weight Gain on a Budget

    Food is expensive. :doh: What have you discovered to be the best ways of getting the desired calories? Dollar stores, grilled cheese sandwiches with extra butter? Let us know! For me the answer is peanut butter. Pretty cheap and loaded with calories. But it was always so difficult to...
  4. Gordo Mejor

    An FA in a Movie

    Movie characters who are FA's are really pretty rare, and when it is treated as a normal thing, that's even rarer. That's why I was surprised by the movie Chu Chin Chow. It was a british film from 1934 based on the Arabian Nights. But in the movie, Ali Baba is enamored of his half-brother's...
  5. Gordo Mejor

    The Dining Room Pt. II by Gordo (~SSBHM, ~FFA, ~Feeding, ~WG)

    SSBHM, ~FFA, ~Feeding, ~WG - a big guy discovers a little more of what his lover wants The Dining Room, Pt. II by Gordo (Click here for previous installment) Doug's belly was enormous now. In the past year he had taken to working with his laptop perched on it. It was time to take a...
  6. Gordo Mejor

    Wife Swap

    I had "Wife Swap" on tonight while making dinner. For once, both the wives were nice BBWs. But what really amazed me was that one of the husbands came out and told the visiting wife that he'd love to see his wife put on 200 more pounds. It's so rare to see an FA on TV. :D
  7. Gordo Mejor

    National Pie Day

    It's National Pie Day, January 23, 2008. I woke up early and had a craving for pie. So I had a couple of slices of Apple pie. Later I discovered the reason for the craving, to celebrate National Pie Day. :eat1::wubu:
  8. Gordo Mejor

    Prime Time FA **possible spoiler**

    I was just watching "Criminal Minds". I like the character Penelope Garcia a BBW Computer Geek. Tonight Agent Derek Morgan revealed that he loves her. :smitten: Nice to see he has good taste.
  9. Gordo Mejor

    Fattening Desserts

    The Hungry Girl at Yahoo has laid out some sure-fire weight gain desserts.
  10. Gordo Mejor

    Tawny Scrawny Lion

    While Christmas shopping, I happened to pick up a book I read in childhood, "The Tawny Scrawny Lion". What a feeding tale! The little rabbit convinces the other animals that fattening up the Lion is what they should do, and launches into being the Lion's feeder and takes the lion home...
  11. Gordo Mejor

    The Dining Room - by Gordo (~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, ~~WG)

    ~BHM, ~FFA, Feeding, ~~WG - bored housewife with a hard working hubby finds an exciting new outlet for both of them The Dining Room by Gordo The honeymoon was over, Karen decided as she took the measuring cup from a cupboard in her kitchen to start baking Doug a cake. Not that it was so...
  12. Gordo Mejor

    Museum of Fat

    It had to happen. The Food Museum's Museum of Fat
  13. Gordo Mejor

    Food Museum

    Just when you wondered what to do with all those antique leftovers in your refrigerator, there's the Food Museum Actually it's pretty cool.
  14. Gordo Mejor

    Are You A SuperTaster?

    It's been well documented that people's ability to taste varies.:eat2: People have wondered about me because I don't like salt or pepper on my food. My ex figured it was just because I just didn't get enough stimulation out of these tastes to enjoy them. She also used to find it amusing...
  15. Gordo Mejor

    Going to Boston, Where to eat?

    I'm going to Boston! From July 29 - August 6. Most of the time I will be at the Siggraph Conference, but on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th I'm open. Anyone want to get together and show me your favorite restaurant? Its a good excuse to get several people together and enjoy a meal.:eat2...
  16. Gordo Mejor

    Restaurant Hopping

    I found an interesting "calorie counting" site. Calorie Counting Find out who has the most fattening food, for planning a fun night out restaurant hopping.
  17. Gordo Mejor

    Songs about BHMs, FFAs

    I discovered one in a surprising place. :D ROLY POLY From the film "Pillow Talk" (1959) (Elsa Doran / Sol Lake) Doris Day & Rock Hudson - 1959 There's a Guy in this old town I'm tellin' you a fact He measures five feet up and down And five feet front and back He's a Roly Poly...
  18. Gordo Mejor


    had a cool article on Plus Size Fashion :D
  19. Gordo Mejor

    One Big Fat Lie

    A good article on America's obsession with weight.
  20. Gordo Mejor

    Celebrity Morphs

    I don't know if it's been posted before, but I found it amusing.