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  1. Haunted

    Lil' Husky

    Lil' Husky Video By a NH comedy troop. this is the guy that just went Viral in the North East with Granite State Of Mind Video. if your not from NH or the Surrounding area it may not be as funny but these guys have exploded locally with this Jay-Z parody. Check em out at
  2. Haunted

    Fa's and your own Weight

    This is kinda inspired by the why are you fat thread on the health board, as i was reading i noticed that i wanted to respond but didn't want to derail that thread, so here's my own version. Oddly and i'v heard this from a couple other Fa's that although I love BBW's and SSBBW's and am...
  3. Haunted

    Being a long Distance parent

    I'v been wanting to get this out there maybe here some advice Good and or bad. i'v resisted posting tis before because i'm not sure i want to hear the negative but i think some of the negative will raise questions that i need to ask myself. as you may or may not know I'm involved in a long...
  4. Haunted


    I was inspired by the BBW wants thread. it reminded me of something about dreaming big and believing it's possible. this is mine feel free to add your own. Many of you know i'm in a long distance relationship, this has made for many emotional and lonely nights. I'm not whining or...
  5. Haunted

    Petition for Muscular DystrophY research and treatment

    (Please Sign and help spread the word John and His son are very Close friends of mine Thanks) Muscular Dystrophy Me, and You This really isn't about me and you. This is about someone important to me and the things that will keep his muscles functioning as best they can for as long as they...
  6. Haunted

    Petition for Muscular DystrophY research and treatment

    Sorry Double Post Please disregard this thread
  7. Haunted

    Truck For Lease

    I'm trying to move my 2008 Nissan Titan If you or someone you know is interested in a nice Low mileage truck please pass this along
  8. Haunted

    She's so Beautiful

    Sorry i couldn't resist She is so beautiful I Love working with Pics of Misty Please add your own artistic renditions or favorite pics!!
  9. Haunted

    Truck for sale OR TRADE

    I was behind this truck last week... It made me smile.
  10. Haunted

    Look What she Made Me

    I know i go on and on about Misty But i really had to share this, she made me this Awesome Video/Slideshow so hopefully it's not so sweet it makes you gag. but whatever I love her and i Can't stop thinking or talking about her ! Sickeningly sweet video
  11. Haunted

    Comparison BBW with Thinner Guys

    This is in response to a Post on the BHM board they had Big guys with thin Girls, The pics looked great and someone asked where are the big girls with thin Guys. So to Kick it off although i'm not exactly thin and these aren't our best pics together they do show a nice comparison between the...
  12. Haunted

    igor the movie

    So i just saw Igor with My Daughter and Misty and there was a great song about half way through about loving a big girl and i am dying to find out some info about it. OK So I WANT TO MAKE IT MY NEW THEME SONG!!!!!!!!! please help
  13. Haunted

    Happy Birthday Kalicurves

    Happy birthday baby I love You I love You I love you, Hope You have a wonderful day MUAH MUAH MUAH
  14. Haunted

    Why do i sometimes feel guilty???

    I tend to go on and on about my Long distance relationship here and hopefully, You don't all see me as "that Guy" you know the guy that can only seem to post about one thing, the one that elicits the response "ok you love her and she's far away we get it" Lmao so hopefully i haven't reached that...
  15. Haunted

    Happier Bigger ?

    I'v seen it posted before and My Girlfriend has mentioned it also, That some BBW's get to the point where they realize they couldn't be happy as a smaller woman, LnL said in a post recently that she doesn't believe she could be happy Under 350lbs and apparently she used to put that number at...
  16. Haunted

    Macbook PhotoBooth Pics

    I Don't know if this thread ever got started but here it is Inspired By Sasha