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  1. docilej

    26yo, 5'4", 252lbs... pole dancer!
  2. docilej

    BBW pole dance Posted by & commented on by "haters", but the video is beautiful none the less.
  3. docilej

    I want to thank everyone here

    I've visited this site many times in the past few years and have learned a lot. I finally realized what I want in a woman. For 15 years I've been in a bad marriage and finally the light came on. I gained the courage to ask for a divorce. Although the next couple of months will be painful and the...
  4. docilej

    Women wanted for chocolate experiments
  5. docilej

    Are there any BBW clubs/parties in Memphis?

    Will be in Memphis on August 18 to 21st. Are there any BBW clubs/parties/bashes in that town on those dates?
  6. docilej

    'forever 21' going big time

    The clothing company 'forever 21' has just come out with a 'plus size' clothing line called 'faith 21':
  7. docilej

    Has anybody ever heard of this... Would this drive the women crazy?
  8. docilej we know Victoria's secret...

    Queen Victoria was a BBW !!!'s-bloomers-had-a-50-inch-waist.html Here's an early portrait:
  9. docilej

    bra question

  10. docilej

    How We Met - by DocileJ (~BBW, Romance, Mild sex, Domination )

    ~BBW, Romance, Mild sex domination- two hestant young adults bond firmly by taking the slow track, then wind up in role reversal How We Met: an alternate reality love story by DocileJ Part One of Two It all started a few years after you graduated high school. You were working a couple...
  11. docilej

    bra question

    I figure the women here would best be able to help me. Where do you find a straples 46DDD bra? (...and not a "longline"). Please post links to the places where to buy one. Thanks.
  12. docilej

    movie trailer (check it out)

    this might be up everyone's alley:
  13. docilej

    Awesome !!!