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  1. Feedee81

    New pics for delurking

  2. Feedee81

    New pics for delurking

    i try to get back to this bhm forum.i think everybody likes pics.enjoy them!
  3. Feedee81

    Lookin for german FFA

    hello ladies.i am looking for a sweet lovely woman in or near germany that loves fat guy.i am just wondering why all the ffa`s live in the united states.i only met 2 girls here in germany that loved me for my size.but i hope to find more woman now on this board.i am young and fat and i want a...
  4. Feedee81

    skinny girl to crush

    i want to crush a realy skinny girl.i dream of a date with a skinny hot girl,with a nice big dinner and than go to the bedroom and crush her.laying down on her bony body with all my flab and hearing her scream and shout.that is a big turn on for there any lady who likes that.than post a...
  5. Feedee81

    New BHM!!!

    i am new to this forum,and i am looking to meet new friends and nice people what do think of my pics?