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  1. AtlasD

    Big Fat Liar

    Big Fat Liar By AtlasD ~BBW, ~~WG, ~Magic “You are really going inside?” Carla looked incredulous. “Why not?” I said. “She’s a harmless old faker- nothing more.” “I don’t know Mandi- I’ve heard stories, curses, that kind of thing. I’ve seen her and she is beyond...
  2. AtlasD

    The Obesity Epidemic Fantasy~XWGN~Mild Sex

    The Obesity Epidemic By AtlasD Yentingrad, Russia, April 23-Patient Zero Viktor Cheryunov sighed. It was getting late, and the experiment was not going well. The Director was getting impatient for results, but this seemed to be at a dead end. Protocol required that all test...
  3. AtlasD

    The Magistrate- Part One

    The Magistrate By AtlasD Part One - Paradise Haley The airplane was nearly silent except for the noise of its engines as I flipped page after page…. Noronga is an archipelago of some 300 islands scattered over some 250,000 square miles of ocean roughly 800 miles northeast of...
  4. AtlasD

    Fast Break - by Atlas D (~BBW, Magic, MWG)

    ~BBW, Magic, MWG - Girls learn to never underestimate the opposition Fast Break by AtlasD It began when Shauna, Marita and I were walking to the neighborhood court to shoot some hoop. As we arrived, there were three players already there, passing the ball around and shooting casual...
  5. AtlasD

    saving heating costs-

    Found this while doing some research on hypothermia- "An individuals rate of body cooling is governed by the difference between heat loss and heat production, and this in turn is influenced by the size of body habitus and body fat thickness. Body fat has long been associated with the cooling...
  6. AtlasD

    no place to call home-

    Recently a young lady, apparently a newbie, entered a post in the Weight Board stating that at 5’3” and 180 pounds, she felt she was getting the worst of both worlds. She feels she is too “fat” to be considered attractive by mainstream society and culture, but she also said the Dimensions...
  7. AtlasD

    whither the Weight Board?

    Judging from Ann Marie's last post, it sounds like changes are already in the works, so ultimately this post may be moot. While there may be no such thing as a “safe haven”, these Boards are the closest thing to it when it comes to the matters discussed here. The unfortunate reality is the...
  8. AtlasD

    poetry in motion.....

    "Waisting" time on youtube again- wish all the gorgeous BBWs out there would put on bikinis and flaunt it!
  9. AtlasD

    tight jeans- another Youtube find

    Lovely young lady trying to fit into some old pants-
  10. AtlasD

    another youtube find

    These ladies are absolutely gorgeous, hope this warms up your spring!
  11. AtlasD

    great video!

    I loved this one, check it out! Where can I purchase some of this product? Let's All get FAT! :cool:
  12. AtlasD

    stupid question

    How do people edit the text underneath the avatar? It says member under mine, which sounds a bit generic. I looked around the user CP, but I guess I'm not bright enough to figure it out. Do any of you SQL geniuses have any advice? (Conrad? Heather?) :confused:
  13. AtlasD

    extra weight an advantage?

    I had to change a flat tire the other day, and I actually had to stand on the lug wrench and jump up and down on it to loosen the lug nuts. I was thinking maybe I never would have gotten the lug nuts off if I had not gained some extra weight. So I'm curious- have others had experiences where...
  14. AtlasD

    Interesting Wikipedia entry

    Not sure I entirely agree with its premise, but it was an interesting read and dropped a lot of "names". Personally, I don't think finding large ladies with generous curves attractive makes a "fetish", and not all FA's are seeking immobility in their partner...
  15. AtlasD

    if I were king of the world....

    I, AtlasD, having been duly appointed Benevolent Dictator for Life make the following decrees- (not necessarily in order of priority) 1. All Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition models are required to gain 50 pounds. The first 20 to bring them out of their anorexic state, and the other 30 to...
  16. AtlasD

    Parity - by Atlas D Phase 1

    ~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG PARITY by AtlasD Part 1- The Contract Mindy came out of the bathroom looking particularly grumpy this Monday. This surprised me as we had just returned from a “getaway” weekend at a five star resort with some of the best dining we had ever experienced. “What’s...
  17. AtlasD


    Finally matched my wife's BMI- why is the last 5 pounds always the hardest? Some before 'n after pix--Still can button them pants up though- (barely!) Now the big question- do I maintain, or keep going?
  18. AtlasD

    tool belts

    The parity project continues- but if I keep going it could be hard to find the tape measure--:)
  19. AtlasD

    Parity project- hit a plateau

    Been trying to gain until I match my wife's BMI,but after adding 10-11 pounds I seem to have hit a plateau- still 10 pounds short of my goal. Any thoughts on how I can keep gaining? :confused:
  20. AtlasD

    The Parity Project

    I am trying to gain until I match my wife's BMI, which means adding 20 pounds. I am halfway there, and the photo shows me with the "extra" ten.