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  1. cute_obese_girl

    No Cost/Low Cost Gift Ideas

    This may be a tad early, but since we're getting all Christmas-y up in Dimsland, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some no cost or really low cost gift ideas. I'm currently unemployed because I decided to pursue a new career field and I'm happy about it, but I'm not happy I will...
  2. cute_obese_girl

    Name that Veggie

    I got this in my veggie delivery this week, but because it was a substitution it was not on the packing list they send out to everyone. Can someone tell me what the name of this is and what I can do with it? They were about the size of tennis balls or baseballs and looked like this:
  3. cute_obese_girl

    New Season on the Food Network

    Throughout July on the Food Network the new season is starting, yippee. There's a couple of new shows I'm interested in. One is Secrets of a Restaurant Chef starring Anne Burrell. She often appears on Iron Chef America as one of the chefs that works with Mario Batali. She has the platinum...
  4. cute_obese_girl

    How Happy Are You?

    I saw this article on the aol website about a study that looked at how happy people were on average based on what country they lived in. They did this by asking just two questions: Taking all things together, how happy would you say you are? All things considered, how satisfied are you...
  5. cute_obese_girl

    What parts of Dimensions do you participate in?

    It has come to my attention that there is sometimes a feeling of disconnect between the BHM board and the rest of Dims. I just want to know how many people feel that way and try to understand why. So, for everyone that posts on the BHM board please answer the following questions if you so...
  6. cute_obese_girl

    Cool Eats for a Hot Summer

    Summer hasn't even begun and it's already so hot in my apartment that the butter on my counter can no longer be considered a solid. When its hot like this I always end up making just sandwiches and salads so I don't have to cook, but it gets boring real fast. I need some ideas. What...
  7. cute_obese_girl

    What should you be doing right now?

    I love coming to Dimensions in general, but when I'm avoiding doing something, suddenly I can't live without it. I should be working on a paper for a summer film studies course right now, not spending time online till all hours of the morning. So, what are you avoiding?
  8. cute_obese_girl

    How do you choose your friends?

    Something happened tonight that made me question my choice in friends. I have a friend that I have known for about 4-5 years now. In many ways we have a lot in common and she is really nice to me and to a couple of other close friends in the group. She will often go out of her way for me or...
  9. cute_obese_girl

    Size Positive Celebs/Role Models

    I was inspired by the thread about Valerie Bertinelli in which many people expressed disappointment in her for becoming another celebrity female to publicly try and lose weight. So, I thought it would be good if people could list their favorite size positive celebrities or other people who...
  10. cute_obese_girl

    New taste buds

    They say a person has a completely new set of taste buds every nine years. That may explain people's changing tastes in food. So... 1) What food do you like now that you never used to like? 2) What food did you like when you were younger but now think is gross? 3) What favorite food have...