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    Why are Anime Girls so Damn Skinny? - by Da Games Elite (~BBW multiple, ~MWG, Magic)

    ~BBW (multiple), ~MWG, Magic - A single girl’s curiosity leads to the alteration of numerous different universes… Author’s Note: I am a huge anime fan, but they aren’t a lot of great anime wg fics in the world. So, hopefully, this will remedy that. This isn’t gonna be a long story, nor can...
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    A Story of a Girl - By Da Games Elite (~BBW (Multiple), ~~WG, Lesbians, Eating)

    ~BBW (Multiple), ~~WG, Lesbians, Eating [Author’s Note:]Before I start this story, I just wanna say that the last few stories I finished here ended up causing quite a bit of controversy with the editors on this site, so I’ve refrained from posting for awhile. Well…I’ve decided to spark a bit...
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    A Change in Perspective - by Da Games Elite (~BBW, ~MWG, Magic)

    ~BBW, ~MWG, Magic - A young woman is given an opportunity to see different variations of her life A Change in Perspective by Da Games Elite [Author's Note:]After a couple years of not contributing anything, I hope I can donate this little thing I decided to start working on. ^_^ Please...
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    Dreams are an Extention of Reality by Da Games Elite (~BBW, Magic, ~~WG)

    ~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~~WG – When given the power to alter reality, one man decides to exploit his powers for a rather unusual enterprise. Dreams are an Extension of Reality By Da Games Elite [Author’s Note – Hello there! I haven’t posted anything probably for over a year...
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    The Arrangement - by Da Games Elite (~BBW (multiple), Friendship, Eating, ~~WG, ~~WL)

    (~BBW (multiple), Friendship, Eating, ~~WG, ~~WL – When a girl makes a compromise to lose weight, her friend is forced to replace her role as “the necessary fat girl”.) The Arrangement By Da Games Elite (Author’s Note: It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something here, hasn’t it...
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    Cruise Ship 1-8 by Da Games Elite(~BBW (multiple), Eating, Revenge, Friendship, ~~WG)

    ~BBW (Multiple), Revenge, Friendship, Eating, ~~WG – On a weight loss cruise ship, no one is safe from temptation… The Cruise Ship Chapters 1-8 By Da Games Elite [Author’s Note – As some of you may remember, my last story was sort of a, um, controversial. It was removed...
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    The Stepfather - by Da Games Elite (BBW (multiple), Eating, Insanity, ~~WG

    BBW (multiple), Eating, Insanity, ~~WG – When a somewhat deranged FA marries into a new family, he manipulates things for his pleasure. [Author’s note: This story is inspired by a very similar movie with the same name. The movie is about a psychotic man who courts single mothers...
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    Da Game's Elite's Thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of Da Games Elite, a member of the Dimension's Writers Guild who has not yet any tale(s) as representative of his work: Stories by Da Games Elite may be accessed by using Elite as a keyword in the search function. We recommend conducting...
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    Collab? Pics and a Story?

    I'm wondering if anyone is willing to collaborate with me (or any other set of author and writer out there) to draw images based off of one of the stories on the library. I noticed they are only a few out here, but it would probably be cool if there was more to it than that.:eat2:
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    WG Screw Up - Three Chances - Part A-E (SSBBW, Magic, Parody, ~XWG)

    (SSBBW, Magic, Parody, ~XWG) – A parody of all that is Feederism. WG Screw Up – The Three Chances by Da Games Elite (Author's note: If you are looking for a serious erotic piece, please leave now. There’s the door. Vamanos! This piece does have WG in it, and lot’s of it. In...
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    Hired (Parts 1-3) - by Da Games Elite (~BBW (multiple), Feeding, ~~WG)

    ~BBW (multiple), Feeding, ~~WG – When a college girl gets out of college, she has no idea what she’s getting into when she joins a bakery Hired - Parts 1-3 by Da Games Elite Part 1 Allison had just gotten out of college when she learned what she would really due for the rest of...
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    The Invalid - by Da Games Elite (BBW, Eating, WG)

    BBW, Feeding, WG - After a teenager injures herself in a track practice, she slowly begins packing on weight. The Invalid by Da Games Elite (Author's Note - After my last story, I want to make this a quick practice. It won't be crappy, but it only involves one BBW, no more, no less. There...
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    Chain Reaction BBW (multiple) WG-MWG Feeding

    ~BBW(Multiple), Feeding, ~~WG - What starts as an act of maternal control transforms into something out of control! Chain Reaction by Da Games Elite Carol was the most beautiful girl in the school. She was gorgous. With long blonde hair and hips that were in perfect proportion to her...
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    Free Weight Gain Site?

    Yo! I'm a new member on the site (just joined about five seconds ago), but I have a question. I've been googling on the web until I've gotten eye strain (which isn't that hard for me to do...) looking for a weight gain gallery on the web that DID NOT require a fee to look at. I'm sure it's...