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  1. waldo


    So it was just pointed out to me that the TLC Network (known for the shows My 600 lb Life and My Big Fat Fabulous Life ) is about to go ALL IN and are airing a new 'reality' show starting in January that will follow the lives of three couples in which the women are all SSBBW and the guys are all...
  2. waldo

    Sports Illustrated Fattest Model - Hunter McGrady: Morbidly Obese or pleasingly Plump ?!

    Many of you have no doubt already seen this young lady who first appeared in SI Swimsuit issue in 2017. It seems she has gained 'a few' since her debut and is representing super-legit for the BBW movement in her latest appearance, Needless to say, she is generating some online 'chatter'...
  3. waldo

    body positivity versus reality

    Most of you are probably well aware of the current movement around 'body positivity' in which plus-sized/fat women are referred to as 'curvy' and the argument is that all women should ideally be viewed as attractive/sexy (unless you are an under-evolved neanderthal). So I have been stewing over...
  4. waldo

    FAs again getting a bad rap in the media

    I just saw this news story about a woman who lost about 150 pounds (from a starting weight of about 350). I big part of the story is regarding how she believed she had to dump her fiance who was "obsessed with obese women". So even when a song like "All about the Bass" can go to number 1 on...
  5. waldo

    thoughts of a SSBBW on FAs, dating, etc.

    It has been suggested recently by a few people that some FAs are woefully short on understanding of the thoughts and feelings of those fat women who are the focus of our attraction. And consequently, it has been suggested that we seek out opportunities to learn more about how fat people view...
  6. waldo

    A BBW is the early favorite on upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars

    I just saw that the celebrities for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars were announced today. And of note a pretty young BBW, Amber Riley, from the TV show Glee is there and teamed up with DWTS top pro Derek Hough. Since she has some dancing experience coming in and he is a multiple...
  7. waldo

    340 pound American woman competing in Olympic weightlifting

    Holley Mangold is 5'8" and about 340 pounds. She is competing in the Olympics in super heavyweight division. At only 22 years old, she has been into weightlifting only for a few years and not expected to medal, but should be a major force in the next Olympics. This girl is beautiful inside and...
  8. waldo

    Parents to Blame for Anorexic Models?

    So says a famous Brazilian fashion model in the article here.