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  1. rabbitislove

    Adam Ruins Everything: Weight Loss Im a fan of this show and how it disproves myth with humour. This was the first time I saw a mainstream show acknowledge there are fat people out there who are (gasp) healthy and figured ya'll would enjoy :)
  2. rabbitislove

    Happy International Womens Day!

    Happy international women's day to all the wonderful FFAs who have helped me to feel like Im not so alone in my love of fat guys! :wubu::wubu:
  3. rabbitislove

    FFA question

    Hi all. Ive had a question mulling around in my head for a while based on my own experiences and wondered what the experiences of you fine folk were. FFAs: Have you noticed that when you talk about being an FFA that women and men respond differently to you? Does one group respond more...
  4. rabbitislove

    Happy New Years

    Happy New Year Dims family! May your 2017 be a happy safe and fulfilled year :)
  5. rabbitislove

    Attitude of Gratitute

    As the majority of us on this board are Canadian (us Canadian ladies gotta stay warm somehow!), our thanksgiving is coming up on Monday. My question for the board is - what are you grateful for this thanksgiving? (Ill add my list later but being the stereotypical Canuck I am, Ill let you all...
  6. rabbitislove

    What do you love most about being an FFA?

    I have my list, but want to hear from you guys first (Im still such a Canadian!) What do you think is the best, most fun, most heartwarming part of being an FFA? And for the BHMs, what do you think is the best part of experiencing an FFA? What do you like most about being a BHM?
  7. rabbitislove

    Heavyweights (1995) Not sure if you all have seen this gem, but this was one of my favourite childhood movies growing up (cant imagine why....:doh:) Thought Id post and share. My day has been catching up on paperwork and watching BHM classics from my past (this morning...
  8. rabbitislove

    Your FFA Summer Jam

    Judex sent me this a couple o' days ago. Due to a generation gap, I had never heard it, but its now my guilty pleasure. You are alllll welcome :D
  9. rabbitislove

    Happy Canada Day!!

    Happy Canada Day (as most of us here are Canadian!) :D Enjoy your day off Canucks! (as Im a Canadian living state-side I gotta wait for Monday for my day off!)
  10. rabbitislove

    BHM/FFAs into BDSM?

    Ive seen some mention of BDSM on this board and wondered out of curiosity how many of you weirdoes are also into BDSM, if you've had experience with BDSM in an BHM/FFA relationship, what appeals to you ect? Ill start. I definitely consider myself submissive and it was cemented when I was 25...
  11. rabbitislove

    Its Only Love

    Sending loves of love and light to all ya'll in Dims looking for that special someone. I do honestly believe everyone deserves someone and that everyone should end up happy. If you are single, looking for a hookup, looking for romance or dealing with a broken heart, may you find what you are...
  12. rabbitislove

    What are you nerds reading these days?

    Just curious about what ya'll are reading these days. Im working through the Harry Potter series because I didnt read it 10 years ago.
  13. rabbitislove

    The Rabbit Update!

    Hey everyone! Ive received a few emails from you wonderful people asking how I am, and figured Id replay with a public letter. Why? Because Im conceited, underemployed and need to sit here while the rest of my incense burns so I can go down to the laundry room, jump in the shower, and get ready...
  14. rabbitislove

    Lets talk about sex: for the dudes.

    I know, Rabbit talking about sex? Absurd. So to the men of Dims, I know a few of you said youve been with FFAs? You should discuss these experiences here, in as much detail as you'd like (although Im sure Im not alone, Id encourage much detail...) For those of you who havent, best sexual...
  15. rabbitislove

    Explaining Dims for newbies.

    Alright kids, It seems as if I need to explain the memes and sarcasm that dominates the BHM/FFA board. We are a tight knit group, and its a scary new world. Its really like high school, except here Im one of the popular girls (OMG!) 1) Misspellings. Dont do it. If you are surfing with...
  16. rabbitislove

    I guess we're all allowed one whiny self indulgent post

    I need to get some negativity out. I have a yoga class at two I have to teach and dont want to bring that in. I know I kind of brought this up in the attached or looking thread, so this is a half whine, half gratitude thing. Im just confused, hurt and tired of not feeling good enough for men...
  17. rabbitislove

    Rabbits Clips of the Week

    My fav clips from the television I love way too much Clip #1: Greg Grunberg looking chunkytastic Clip #2 Donal Logues new show (and cute butt) Terriers :)
  18. rabbitislove

    Question for the BHMS: Lets Get Physical.

    Yes Im hoping when I finally get my RYT, my excercise classes look like that Olivia Newton John video. But slowed down, and the guys never get ripped. However, niether here nor there. So guys, the burning question is this? Have you always been turned on by being heavy? Or was it something you...
  19. rabbitislove

    My first kiss..

    Im shamelessly addicted to this song. If your not into the pop-electro punk stuff thats popular nowadays, luckily the cute lumberjack BHM with the guitar is in the VERY BEGINNING. Also, I dedicate this to the fine BHMs of the board, because if I...
  20. rabbitislove


    So I know Ive been blowing up Dims lately with responses to posts, but I just got back from a pretty sweet Carribean vacation with the family (only bad part was getting sucked out to sea in my kayak. I had to jump off, pull the kayak back to shore, my brother had to come out and help me pull and...