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  1. biglynch

    Good news, The Big Lynch Tour is ON!

    Ohhhhhhh FUCK YEAH! No going back mutha uckers, that shit is booked. (well the flights are accomodation is next month) Some changes had to happen to the plans as I had to book other time off work for less fun things, but i cant wait. So here is the fixture list :p NYC 30 SEP - 05 OCT...
  2. biglynch

    Surprisingly good - disappointingly bad.

    Mixed start to 2014 for me, very up and down. Something's have shocked me in good ways and bad. Shockingly good: I'm way better at saving money than I thought I was, which has made me think about how I can be more positive with my self discipline. Disappointingly bad: Every UFC card so...
  3. biglynch

    3rd time Lucky.

    So I have been bailed on twice for my big USA adventure so I’m gonna go it alone, but Its hard to work out where to go. based on time restriction 5-6 destinations look possible. I have got the list down to 8 but I'm always listening to cases for other cities. Thus I open up the floor to you guys...
  4. biglynch

    So, who wants to help me out?

    Right it time for a test, and I need a helper. After reading a number of different threads here and having a bit of a think about things, I have decided I’m not my best advertiser. I then also thought I’m probably a bit to cautious for my own good. So naturally I want to change these two aspects...
  5. biglynch

    Festivals and Gigs

    So at the end of this month I'm off to Glastonbury Festival, then in July I got tickets to a smaller festival called Truck. I could do with going to a few more gigs and if i can find room for a 3rd festival I will. Line ups bellow.
  6. biglynch

    How bad can a date go?

    Well if bad dates were measured on an out of 10 rating then this week we hit a jackpot. A good 9.7 I would say. If there is one thing I hate its one word answers. Bad times. Saying that, old has been a fail from the get go. So peeps what have your worst dates been like over the years?
  7. biglynch

    17 days off and nada too do. Ideas?

    Yerp so i just had 10 days of and did nada just wanted a rest, but in october im of for 17 days and need some ideas of things, places etc to do, see and go. Im open to anything and want to get a bit of use out of my camera, so hit me with your best shot peeps. Aiden.
  8. biglynch

    What Should I Do

    Ok im lost on this one peoples. 7 years ago i started to get to know My half brother from my dads side of the familly. I cant lie it was great. Now he Borrowed about 5k from my dad and in honesty the getting it back was never realy an issue. He was Living in Manchester and i used t travel up and...
  9. biglynch

    Go away Queenie, I'm not interested in the jubilee!

    I got 5 days off work, and everyone has gone royally mad over here (pun intended). I booked the time off work forgeting it was Jubilee weekend, now any plan of having a regulay weekend away has turned into a kingsize balls up. (pun, again intended) Anyone have any similar issues with other...
  10. biglynch

    Nyc Hell Yeah!!!

    So i just went and booked myself 3 nights in NYC as a treat for not being able to do my planed 3 month trip. Roll on the 30th of April. Granted it was a bit random but crazyness is fun. Has anyone else gone mad and booked crazy fun stuff lately. btw if anyone wants to meet for beers give us a...
  11. biglynch

    Officially saving money.

    Today I officially started saving to go to the USA (and a if possible Canada) again, and hopefully do another 3 months over there. I did this about 3 years ago, and loved every second. So as I fast approach 30 (yikes) I think I better have another one whilst I can still call myself young. So two...
  12. biglynch


    So who have you been told you look like. I will get us started.