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  1. isotope

    My wife

    "Hey hun, I know you're insecure with your body, buuuuut here's a porn video I like cranking it to. DONT YOU WANT TO BE HER?!"
  2. isotope

    Who wants to play into this

    Looks like you might've bit your tongue. Stuff like that sure does smart.
  3. isotope

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    Not a bad story, but maybe a lil proof reading.
  4. isotope

    BHM Gamer Boy (~BHM, Revenge, force feeding, dom)

    Just poking this dead thread. Just about to expire.
  5. isotope


    No. Appreciate the effort, but you should look into grammar and pacing before continuing anything. Thank you.
  6. isotope

    Tank Ass (BBW, XWG, FA, DOM)

    Just a suggestion, I'd recommend coming to a good pause point on Tank Ass, so you can finish off Poker Night. Once you finish the other off, I'd say go however deep as you'd like into Tank Ass and possible spin offs. This is just coming from a weight gain fiction reader that has read far too...
  7. isotope

    WALL-E was a RIPOFF!

    ...I heard that Charlie and the Chocolate factory was a ripoff of this film back in the 70's with Gene Wilder. Keep that on the down low though.
  8. isotope

    weight gain games

    Can you be kicked out of an all you can eat buffet for eating too much? I mean, i'd imagine you could take that to court. And take in the delicious reward.
  9. isotope

    What would I be called?

    You like fat. That would be a FA. Tip: Don't worry so much about labels and just enjoy what you enjoy. The government doesn't require registration...yet.
  10. isotope

    Tyra Banks show fed me

    It's a pity too, because the whole frightened and coerced feeding pics are in high demand. I think what it boils down to with Jae's situation is the old feederism argument of how much of gaining is done for the enjoyment for the gainer themselves and how much is done to please their partner...
  11. isotope

    Feedism clothing?

    Very true. That's the thing though. I think it would be generally weird to see someone with a feederism shirt, unless in the right context(maybe a FA meetup?). Except for the greek lettering shirt, i think that'd work pretty well. Someone who's in the know would know what it means, while...
  12. isotope

    Feedism clothing?

    I've always felt you'll attract a better person through conventional shirts that involve things like favorite bands or movies or etc. I feel like a feeder shirt or a I like fat girls shirt would be like a I'm a Heterosexual t shirt. Doesn't need to be stated out loud but could be brought up...
  13. isotope

    Bed Benders Inc.

    It's not the greatest thing since sliced bread(or sliced fat girls..wait) but i'd say he is one of the better artists in the FA community. People have already explained why he does the things he does, so i won't repeat. But, he's got talent. He can do what he an extent.
  14. isotope

    Wall E

    Kudos to this fellow here! After reading this thread, all i have to say is... L I G H T E N U P (pun?) I wrote several different responses but i think i'll just keep to the main message of turning down the venom on such an innocent and well put together movie and two other things...
  15. isotope

    Abduction - by Irish Bard (Alien Kidnapping)

    So, because someone hasn't written a WG fic, they aren't allowed an opinion? You can't take into account what they've read or studied? I'm sure we can't even take into consideration basics of grammar and general english. I'm sorry but I think criticism is a strong tool for growth for a...
  16. isotope

    Author: FA's Make Me Want To Be Thin

    That made me lolzerz. Mostly because as many there are well read and intelligent admirers in our community, there's about five million times more weirdos. That goes for any part of society though. peeple r wrd.
  17. isotope Interactive stories

    I just want to vent somewhere that might understand what i'm talking about... STOP MAKING INTERACTIVE STORIES THAT NO ONE WILL ADD TO. Yes, I know you would like to see the characters from the Land before Time gain weight and inflate, but only one other person is going to add to that, you...
  18. isotope

    How many of you are into immobility?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that i for one would love to be immobile. However, it's mostly in an enterepeneurial sort of way. You see, I'd become immobile, but then i would sell my immobile services. Want someone to hold that first spot in line for you for that new piece of...
  19. isotope


    John Travolta isn't exactly the 'Saturday Night Fever' slim dancer anymore. I saw this movie. Liked it. I didn't think about how it was a remake or how there could have been more real fat actors. I just appreciated the fact there was a fairly fat positive film in mainstream media.