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  1. jamie

    Tofu Help Needed!

    I really love tofu - I know that sounds weird - but there is something appealing to me. I like it in stir-fry, lo mein and pad thai. A while back I came across a bbq tofu sandwich recipe and fell in love. Here is the recipe - you need the extra firm tofu - and there is an accompanying...
  2. jamie

    Latest Food Discoveries - Share them here!

    I need this. I mean, I want it sure....but I think I need it. :P
  3. jamie

    Girl Scout Cookies

    A friend and I at work both got some Daisy Go Rounds - I think that is what they are called. Little cinnamon cookies in portioned out pouches. Very crisp and tasty!
  4. jamie

    What do you smell like?

    Anymore I always smell of either Baby Magic's baby wash and lotion or "Summerhill" from Crabtree & Evelyn. I like them both because they are clean and light. It is usually the baby stuff though, it is my favorite smell. My hair is slightly coconutty from Paul Mitchell's Shampoo One.
  5. jamie

    Make ahead dishes for xmas

    Does anyone know if you can make broccoli casserole ahead (and not add the crackers on top)?
  6. jamie

    GYN visit

    While I am an IT girl, I work in a medical environment and understand the logistics of a medical office. I understand that certain procedures and a certain professional, "matter-of-fact" demeanor when it comes to some exams is necessary. All that being said, I had the most excruciatingly...
  7. jamie

    Childless By Choice

    My favorite line after telling someone that I am definitely sure that I never want children is..."but you would be a great mommy." I have to bite my tongue hard at this one. I can be a caring person and not have a maternal instinct in any fiber of my make up. I knew when I was a little...
  8. jamie

    Happy Birthday Miss Vickie

    Have a lovely lovely birthday, lovely girl.
  9. jamie

    Foodee Complaints

    It seems that KFCs everywhere are bad about getting orders right, so - annoying to people or not - I check my order right there before I pull off. I am paying money that I earn by doing the work I am supposed to to them to do the work they are supposed to do. The boy eats chicken on a very...
  10. jamie

    Can you access Dimensions in your workplace?

    I love those confessionals when someone has gone somewhere they shouldn't. I am the IT director and my husband is the network admin where we work, so nothing is blocked for us, but then again we work from home, office, plane, car - you name it. I think that the firewall/filter he uses would...
  11. jamie

    Peanut butter sammiches.

    really soft squishy white bread - crunchy jif - and then either honey, strawberry, blackberry or raspberry preserves/jam. No jelly - I need either honey or something with seeds.
  12. jamie


    I am nothing if not loyal - I fell in love with Fernando Valenzuela when I was in first or second grade. I have watched them as they have soared and plunged over the years. My second favorite day of the year is opening day. ( I kinda do think y'all are taking this one to the bank though.)
  13. jamie


    I think we are all off doing our prayers, chants, sacrifices, rituals...what have you to ensure a win tonight to stop the devils (red means devil you know) from advancing any farther. :D Dodger Blue Forever!
  14. jamie


    Congrats...that is wonderful news.
  15. jamie


    Go DODGERS! GO Dodgers! Go DODGERS! GO Dodgers! Go DODGERS! GO Dodgers! Go DODGERS! GO Dodgers! Go DODGERS! GO Dodgers! Go DODGERS! GO Dodgers! I may not post much, but when I do, it is obviously full of truth and importance.
  16. jamie

    Beautiful Love Songs....that creep you out.....

    "Every Breath You Take" and "With or Without You"
  17. jamie

    Dimensions' Diabetic Support Thread

    Just wanted to warn you that the Actos may make the weight gain worse, just so you don't freak out. I gained 40lbs in a month with the Actos and he took me off of it immediately. I think that for me it caused a lot of fluid retention. I take Janumet 50/500 bid and Glyburide (generic for...
  18. jamie

    Are you a vegan or a carnivore?

    I just have a silly story that goes along with this. Speaking the other day about dumb questions vegetarians get - I was talking to some co-workers and mentioned that Justin was a vegetarian. Co-Worker R asks: "Does he eat fish?" Me: "Nope, R, nothing with a head." Co-Worker R...
  19. jamie

    Are you a vegan or a carnivore?

    My husband is a vegetarian for both health and philosophical reasons and people crack me up with the questions they ask him. No one, well at least that I know of, has ever tried to change his mind. I tease him sometimes and remark how delicious my steak is, but that is because we constantly...
  20. jamie

    We Love Our Cats Thread!

    Our pretty girl, Suki