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  1. bigwillylandis

    bbw in arkansas

    hello everyone. Will be in Arkansas next week. are there any bbw or ssbbw in little rock or the surrounding area?
  2. bigwillylandis

    50 Shades of BBW: A pink and black affair

    50 Shades of BBW: A pink and black affair Durham NC February 24 Buy tickets at: This is a event for bbws & Bbw lovers. Come mix, mingle, party and even tip the thick to Bbw dancers. Good music, good...
  3. bigwillylandis

    Fat Census

    A fat activist and cultural writer named Ashleigh Shackelford has put out this Fat Census. It is meant to collect data regarding the lives and challenges of fat people. Please fill it out. Do you believe this is needed?
  4. bigwillylandis

    March Madness BBW Pajama Party

    March Madness BBW Pajama party March 23 Jonesboro GA BUY TICKETS BELOW: Come on out and see these Big Beautiful Women entertainers and models. Watch them parade around in sexy PJ's. Maybe nothing at all is how...
  5. bigwillylandis

    a BBW haiku (crit please)

    By: wl landis streams from her valley belly and breast like mountains I wish to climb them
  6. bigwillylandis

    fetishes and the FA

    Ever since I was young I have been drawn to fat women. I never understood it ive never been able to explain it and ive never wanted to have it any other way. When I think back though I feel as if one of my fetishes may have influenced my interest in larger women. I know there are quite a few...
  7. bigwillylandis

    valentines day restraunts

    kan someone give me an idea for places to eat for valentines day?
  8. bigwillylandis

    valentines day

    what to do? where to go? where to eat and what to get for your bbw lover? what have you girls always wanted for valentines day? what are you guys doing for it?
  9. bigwillylandis

    well rounded bbw models and pagent queens

    ive noticed that understandibly when bbw models and other women in other activities in the bbw community are mentioned there physical attributes are the first things mentioned. im sure there is more to these ladies than a large tummy and a fat butt. so who are the most well rounded and...
  10. bigwillylandis

    hello im new from nc

    my name is will. im from nc. just started this today. i have a belly fetish. love big girls. im kinda in to vore. if youre from nc or any where else hit me up.