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  1. furious styles

    the kelligrill

    it's a large, in charge, fat-adding grilling machine! she's so proud of it, she puts her internet handle on it! ^ kelligrl sez : "buy my grill, or i will eat jackie chan" warning: grill liable to disappear without a trace after a few years no checks or CODs
  2. furious styles

    i'm so happy right now

  3. furious styles

    Want to see something completely appalling? This is a clip from the movie Good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. I heard about this from a friend, luckily I didn't have to pay anything to watch any of this movie (which I heard was total garbage anyway) but christ allmighty. I was...
  4. furious styles

    My Day Has Been Made. scroll down to categories. someone is a genius, and i regret that it's not me.
  5. furious styles

    final score : pens 5 - sabres 4

    until we meet again, toozle :B
  6. furious styles

    lumidee : cute chubby singer turned hollywood image casualty

    a few years ago when i was in high school i developed a semi crush on an r & b singer called lumidee. at least when i saw her video for "never leave you". young,totally gorgeous and slightly pudgy. anyway i was browsing itunes and saw her name for the first time in years. i visited her myspace...
  7. furious styles

    new pictures of kelligirl (seriously)

    lol jk it's more ridiculous poetry : i drive tonight i drive tonight once more again my vapid mission calls the grey blue plight of dying men the sound of silence falls glance forward into vacant chill consider darkness vast this feeling in my heart i'll kill as did the soulless...
  8. furious styles

    The Opinion of Doom Poll

    Here it is, folks. i've added a nice wide spectrum of choices, methinks.
  9. furious styles

    i need her

    i don't know who she is but i need her in my eyes she reads a book broken, heartless, disillusionment but never asks we sit quietly i stare deep into her eyes with cold, unforgiving expression a childlike facade she stares back with a smile beautifully defiant truest, unyeilding...