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  1. alk27alk27

    Looking FA, 20’s, Male

    Hi I’ve noticed most users on this site are both a bit on the older side compared to me and primarily male. I was wondering if the there are any women on here below 30? Primarily just looking for people to talk to.
  2. alk27alk27

    Models getting fat

    Has anyone noticed on social media more and more former “models” deciding to get fat? I haven’t noticed this as much in men but it seems to be a growing trend in female circles. Is this real? Am I going crazy? Is this the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon?
  3. alk27alk27

    four pictures 1 month apart.

    https://imgur.com/a/xA2I80E Was just curious if the good folks of Dimensions though I gained a little over the past month. All that Halloween candy an all that.
  4. alk27alk27

    Members who gained weight after marrying their partner.

    this question is for all members but primary for the ladies. How many of you were “conventionally” skinny before mirage but have since grown? As a secondary question, did anyone here only discover this fetish after mirage?
  5. alk27alk27


    Anything going down in Atlanta?
  6. alk27alk27

    Temporary bloating

    I don’t know if this is the right sub form to post to but I was curious what are some other ways to bloat myself other then the usual Coke Zero and mentos? I’m not quite comfortable with gaining weight personality until I find someone who is supportive with the idea of it.(then I’d mold myself...
  7. alk27alk27

    How to spot a potential FFA in the wild?

    Hi all I’ve decided, along with joining this site, that I want to become more active in the wider community (i.e real life). I was wondering what are some signs that a woman may be a FFA? There are a million things that can attract people to someone else both physically and mentally. Shy as I...