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  1. Gspoon

    Famouslastwords is in the Hospital.

    Hey guys, our very own Famouslastwords is in the hospital! She woke up yesterday morning only to find that she needed to have emergency surgery. Her Gallbladder was removed and they found a large stone inside. She will be in the hospital for a few days. She also told me if anyone needs her AIM...
  2. Gspoon

    The Fatty Questionnaire!

    Hey there, I made a questionnaire, didn't really know what to do with it! But our resident HotFattygirl, Ivy thought I should make this into a thread! Go nuts folks! 1 What is your Name/Alias? 2 What brought you into the community? 3 Why do you stay in the community? 4 Are you a...
  3. Gspoon

    SoCal Wildfires

    A few fires have broken out in Southern California, just north of LA. If you are within 100 miles of LA, be on alert of fires and be ready to pack up and leave if the Firefighters tell you to. Be safe and be smart. My thoughts to those who have evacuated. Be safe!
  4. Gspoon

    Evaced, but home again

    I was almost a victim of the Witch Fire down here in San Diego. I had taken a precautionary warning and had left at around 4 in the morning, the real evacuation for my area came around 9 hours later. I drove downtown to my brother's condo with my family, who is ok and safe. But after a day...
  5. Gspoon

    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    Ok wow! I am so excited about this game! New Hero Class: Death Knight! New Continent: Northrend! New Profession: Inscription! New PvP: Destroying Buildings! New Character Design: Hairstyles and Dances! New Dungeons: Including the Lich King himself! So folks, Discuss what you think may be...
  6. Gspoon

    Might as well say hello!

    Hey everyone! I am Gspoon. I am an FA, and love to show it :) hopefully, I am welcome here