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  1. analikesyourface

    My gaining journey thus far.

    I grew up thinking I was just into big guys. I even sort of liked the size difference between me and the guys I liked. I also dealt with an eating disorder, mostly based on constant harassment from a select few family members. My lowest weight was 98 pounds... then I decided that I was...
  2. analikesyourface

    LADIES post an awesome photo of yourselves!

    I feel like there should be this. Pardon me if there already is, but deal. I has a new piercing. It is awesome, and I am a lady. So: this thread.
  3. analikesyourface

    Photos that make fat dudes look pretty rad

    I find it rather hilarious that the two fat dudes in this photo are not the ones who are "forever alone" The internet is failing just a little bit less in my eyes now. Anybody else have photos that aren't like "HURRRR, HE'S CHUBBEH, HERPDERP" when there's a fat guy and a joke involved? It's...
  4. analikesyourface

    Clothes that cater to silly sexual interests

    http://dpcted.com/shirt-i-heart-chubby-bearded-guys/ I found this wonderful shirt, and I wondered, why the hell haven't I seen this before? I see some stupid shirts, but not that many that are as open and wonderful as this. So I guess my question is, has anybody else come across...
  5. analikesyourface

    Chubby dudes being silly.

    I freaking love them. Silly chubby dudes, that is. And when I saw this on funnyjunk, I felt an intense need to hug this dude. :D EDIT: http://funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2495147/A+Tiny+Horse/ Oopsie