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  1. jakemcduck

    BHM Private Practice

    Corey! I'm so glad to see you back again!
  2. jakemcduck

    What is your weight right now?

    Hovering just over 260 atm.
  3. jakemcduck

    Uncaged Desire (BHM - XWG)

    Oh. My. Goodness.
  4. jakemcduck

    Off brand stories

    Can't wait to read it!
  5. jakemcduck

    Belly library (men/women)

    I put this in the skinniest fattest thread but it might belong here too.
  6. jakemcduck

    Off brand stories

    I think authors should definitely expand their horizons into new genres or story types if that's their desire. Trying new things is a good way to become better at what we do. I think it's exciting to see author branch out. Besides if you have some writing in you, you have to get it out or...
  7. jakemcduck

    About The Erotica Thread?

    I'd like to opt in too thanks.
  8. jakemcduck

    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    The latest "fattest" pic. Skinniest is on pg 21.
  9. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    That's so awesome. lol
  10. jakemcduck

    A Question for all of the female members...

    Thank you, ladies. You really are the best. Warms my heart to know you're out there. ❤❤❤❤❤
  11. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    I didn't find anything useful. The results were just recipes. It's hard to tell what restaurants are open and which ones aren't. So I've basically just been eating random things all day to try and fill the cravings and i swear I'm about to explode. I have to just try a few more things...
  12. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    I think I might be detecting a pattern here with Corey. Because I'm about to google where can I get large shell mac and cheese and steak and gravy and mashed potatoes for breakfast. This is on top of all the other cravings her posts induce.
  13. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    I'll definitely keep a sharp eye out for it the next time I come across an open diner. Fried chicken and hash brown casserole sounds great too. Your mom never cooked fried foods or red meat? Did you have her locked up for child abuse? Growing up our dinners were pretty bland. My mom grew up...
  14. jakemcduck

    How do you feel about the idea of stories set during the current crisis?

    Well I'm going to write about it. I have a spin off of Belle of the Drive In that I'm working on. As soon as the storyline gets to 2020 I'm writing it in. I have to write about it. I'm a little bitter about not being quarantined with a beautiful determined FFA during this, so I have to...
  15. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    That looks delicious! It made my mouth water. I'm on the road. The only thing I'm cooking up right now is delivery.
  16. jakemcduck

    Anyone else completely UNathletic?

    I'm definitely declining with my athleticism. Might have been that last 100 lbs, not sure.
  17. jakemcduck

    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    When I'm not working I still pretend to be under quarantine. Today my indulgence is/was pizza, potato skins and cookies and cream. Literally a box of cookies and a pint of cream to wash them down. I hope for the next pandemic I get to stay home.
  18. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    And Alton Brown made it look so easy, too. Thanks for the report though. Next time I get the urge to make some I'll either buy a bottle or buy melty stuff.
  19. jakemcduck

    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    I'm into photography, I just wish I had more time to devote to learning the craft. I recently got a Canon G3X to replace my 5D MKII. I wish I had a tutor to save me the trouble of trying to figure it out on my own.
  20. jakemcduck

    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    It definitely does. You have me in the mood for some now. Just a plate or two. And a plate or two of sides. And a loaded baked potato. Dessert. A second dessert . . . maybe a third . . .