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    I really wanted them to run into each other at university!
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    Teasing - by snr6424 (~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG )

    I've read this several times ... and it is still great to read again. Absolutely wonderful!
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    BHM From B*tch to Boss

    I love this so far! Looking forward to more!
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    BOTH How Was I To Know?

    We had never done it that way before, and I have to admit, although I still like it better with Kristy on top, it was pretty amazing how her breasts and belly swung and slapped as we came to climax. There was this niggling little thought in my imagination of how it would be when her belly and...
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    BOTH How Was I To Know?

    I did not know what time it was when I woke up, but lying there looking around I realized it was dark and Kristy was still sleeping. When I carefully rolled over her way, I could see her laying on her back, nightie pulled up under her breasts. My God she is beautiful! Thoughts of how things had...
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    BOTH How Was I To Know?

    I can't say that I had sweet dreams during my nap. I can't even say I had any dreams at all. Seemed more like a coma than a nap! I can say that my awakening was great. I awoke to Kristy's lips against mine, her soft hands rubbing from my chest up towards my face, and her twinkling eyes looking...
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    BOTH How Was I To Know?

    I did not finish that second gallon that morning. Kristy could tell when every swallow became increasingly painful. And she kissed me and rubbed my painfully full belly until I fell asleep. After what seemed like a moment, she woke me up and I found I was more comfortable, no longer handcuffed...
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    BOTH How Was I To Know?

    How was I to know? by faremark It has been wonderful. Kristy and I met, fell head over heels, discovered our common interests, and got married 6 months later. We matched so well, even sharing the same eyes and hair. Of course, those common interests resulted in Kristy going from 130 lb on her...
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    What is your highest adult weight?

    at 18: 6'-0 and 185 highest: 295 current: 252
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    BBW Sisters

    What an amazing start.