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  1. ChubbyPear

    Fit, single FAs with headless profile photos

    They ARE working from the same script. LoL... They're often men, wearing business attire and carrying a briefcase, who go work in a call center environment in Nigeria somewhere. They learn tricks to keep your attentiond, and rebuttals to whatever suspicions you might express. The goal is to...
  2. ChubbyPear

    Fit, single FAs with headless profile photos

    I wanted to go back and mention fake pics in my post, but can't figure out how to edit 🤦‍♀️ The "deployed military" thing is really common on ALL dating sites. If they tell you they're deployed military, ask for MANY and "right now" photos with specific instructions. Ask them to do something...
  3. ChubbyPear

    Fit, single FAs with headless profile photos

    I see these profiles and I think they’re either trolling for people to cheat on their partner with, or ashamed of being interested in big women 😞
  4. ChubbyPear

    Bottom heavy

    Aaawww. Ty. That feels good
  5. ChubbyPear

    Lost more weight, but not intentionally. I do appreciate the general public being kinder to me...

    Lost more weight, but not intentionally. I do appreciate the general public being kinder to me though. It sucks that it’s apparently ok to treat fat women like bad people. 😞
  6. ChubbyPear

    What size are you all?

    Aw thank you. I'm smaller now but, if you saw my naked body, you'd understand why I still identify as a fat woman. new stats are: 34B 29 waist 46 hips 140lbs
  7. ChubbyPear

    Today is "female health" day for me.

    Better late than never!!
  8. ChubbyPear


    This is me being a "voodoo queen."
  9. ChubbyPear

    Small side bbw in Norfolk, VA

    Small side bbw in Norfolk, VA
  10. ChubbyPear


    Does anyone else like to play dress up? Share your Halloween photos!
  11. ChubbyPear

    What size are you all?

    I'm on the smaller side for this site, but have been much bigger and still identify as a fat lady. I'm too fat for fashion designers and a "BBW" if you're talking in porn terms... Definitely bottom heavy and soft and squishy all over. Age 38 Weight 160 lbs but it varies Height 5'3" Waist 30"...
  12. ChubbyPear

    Bottom heavy

    The nipples?? lol I've never heard this before. What's the nipple fetish about? Certain colors, shapes?
  13. ChubbyPear

    Bottom heavy

    I wish it was so simple! I would have to have every shirt and dress I buy altered by a talented seamstress if I chose to not wear padded bras and such. They literally don't make clothes that fit my hips but also show my waist and don't expect me to have huge boobs. Nothing is "figure fitting" on...
  14. ChubbyPear

    Bottom heavy

    Are there many folks who specifically like bottom heavy ladies? I'm on the smaller end of bbw. I get down on myself because it seems most men who like an ample body on a woman want EVERYTHING to be ample. I am a member of the itty bitty titty club, no matter my weight. My most standout attribute...
  15. ChubbyPear

    Is it hypocritical redux; to be attracted to fat while remaining thin?

    It's rare to see it the other way around, but I'm a fat woman who is generally attracted to athletic men. I have a tendency to wind up dating bodybuilders but that's not a goal of mine. For me, an "athletic" man is ht/wt proportionate, healthy, very strong, has endurance, looks good in jeans and...
  16. ChubbyPear

    I have a problem, and could use some advice. (Or a kick in the butt.)

    Peter, There are SO many things that can cause this and it's not all about physical attraction. You just bought a house... That's a BIG step! You had a change in relationship status and stability, there may be financial concerns that weren't there before, and you said she does have health...
  17. ChubbyPear

    Taking OCD meds got rid of my fetish

    I think this happens to a lot of people and it's not really about eliminating your fetish; it's because it numbs sex drive and therefore makes you less focused on such things.
  18. ChubbyPear

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    But the flow of team activities, instructions that are merely implied, group norms and subtle gestures... lawrd, what a minefield :D I also have some "stimming" behaviours that I do -- strictly in private, but still. It was such a weird feeling catching myself out every time after I'd become...
  19. ChubbyPear

    The wrong type of 'fat'?

    Maybe... Even the pear shaped models though still have huge boobs compared to mine... Makes me feel quite inadequate, particularly when I see so many dating ads that say they're looking for a BBW and then specifically mention butt AND boobs in the things they're looking for.
  20. ChubbyPear

    The wrong type of 'fat'?

    I tend to be the "wrong" type too. I'm a VERY pronounced pear. I have huge hips, butt, thighs, and a bit of belly but I'm almost flat chested. It seems most of the guys who like big women are really attracted to huge boobs, and I just didn't win that particular lotto...