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  1. The Fez

    Any Athiest F.A's?

    No arguments incited, I'm just curious. Is it a considerably small % of American's that consider themselves athiest? I ask because this board is predominantly American, as far as I'm aware. And I'm athiest-agnostic, for the record :bow:
  2. The Fez

    Happy Christmas from England!

    Or Europe, I guess. It's been christmas for 4 hours already and I have yet to feel cheery! :(
  3. The Fez

    Drink of choice?

    I figured since I'm drunk, rather than spamming up other threads as per-the-fez-norm, I'd start one. So tell me your favourite drink, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or both Personally I'm a fan of dark Rum and coke, specifically Captain Morgan's rum and Coca Cola. Has done me well tonight! :D If...
  4. The Fez

    They should have used this for the Quantum of Solace theme tune

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMoJRLStD9c&e epic
  5. The Fez

    So I've had a pretty shitty day

    Spot the number of things that went wrong in Fez's life today! co-dj got an e-mail from a company supplying us with press passes for Reading Festival, saying that because he had forgotten to enclose important info about our show details, we lost the passes Virgin Radio got in touch with...
  6. The Fez

    Odd stuff you've kept from the 80's/90's

    because I'm not sure what era it comes from, susie :p basically the best thing ever made
  7. The Fez

    Fez's Hypothetical #2

    Your alarm clock wakes you at 8 AM on a monday morning. You grimace, slowly make your way out of bed and into the shower. You get dressed, go downstairs to get breakfast, and find that your family members have already left for work / school / etc. You finish breakfast, get ready for the day...
  8. The Fez

    Fez's Hypothetical #1

    You're a lone explorer in an uncharted area of the Amazonian Jungle. While on a trek one day, you stumble upon a village of tribal natives. They speak english, and greet you in warmly. It just so happens that you've come across them during a tribal ritual, in which they choose 8 members of their...
  9. The Fez

    Social acceptance as an FA..

    (first thread, woo!) so yeah, was just wondering how those FA's out there deal with it as far as being 'found out' by friends, or what friends think of it and the like. I'm young so as you can imagine it's harder to get by without being abused about being an FA, so I tend to hide it.. or...